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MBFWMadrid, the great Spanish fashion festival, holds its 70th event

From 5 to 10 July, the second major event for the fashion industry in Spain will take place, once again opening the calendar of international fashion shows

Among the new attractions this year, the growth and internationalisation of the Samsung Ego platform stands out, giving room to three brands, two of which are international, a benchmark in the world of fashion for their ground-breaking proposals. Another outstanding development is the implementation of the L'Oréal Paris–Because You're Worth It, that the cosmetics firm will stage to celebrate 20 years of support for Spanish fashion. The winning designers from these two decades of the Awards will be taking part

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

This year's show includes 42 leading Spanish creators and brands and three emerging international firms. Featured names from Spanish design will be returning to MBFWMadrid, including Palomo Spain, Devota&Lomba, Maria Escoté, Maria Ke Fisherman and Oliva


On 5 July the shows and presentations will be held in different parts of the city, while from 6 July IFEMA-Feria de Madrid's Pavilion 14.1 will be the main stage, with each day concluding with presentations in other locations. The Samsung EGO shows will open the catwalk calendar on Saturday 6 July at IFEMA Pavilion 14.1


On July 8 at 1:45 pm, MBFWMadrid will pay homage to Leonor Perez Pita, better known as Cuca Solana, the recently deceased catwalk director for over thirty years


A new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has arrived. The great festival of Spanish fashion, organised by IFEMA, holds its 70th event from 5 to 10 July, bringing together the best of current Spanish design. This year includes 42 leading creators and Spanish brands and three emerging international firms, which for six days will star in a veritable celebration of Spanish fashion, highlighting their different aesthetic approaches, as well as their richness and creative diversity.


The event, which will reopen the calendar of international catwalks, will be held at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid and at other venues in the city. It will start on 5 July with events in different parts of Madrid, and from Saturday 6 July to Wednesday 10 July at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid Pavilion 14.1, with almost every day ending with shows in other locations and the direct participation of leading designers and brands, as in previous years. On Sunday 7 July









the IFEMA designers' shows will begin. On this occasion the creative duo Ailanto will be opening the fair.


Major attractions

This year's MBFWMadrid has some outstanding features. Prominent national design names like Palomo Spain, Devota&Lomba, Maria Escoté, Maria Ke Fisherman and Oliva will be returning to the fair. Palomo Spain will present a documentary on Sunday 7 July, closing the day of shows, while Maria Ke Fisherman will perform a spectacular outdoor staging of her new collection at the Puente de Toledo. Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Pajares and Lexdeux will be showing their new collections in the Jardines de Cecilio Rodriguez gardens and the Central de Diseño de Matadero design centre respectively. For their part, Devota&Lomba, Oliva and María Escoté have chosen the catwalks at IFEMA Pavilion 14.1 for their return to MBFWMadrid. Juanjo Oliva and Devota&Lomba will present their collections in the Mercedes Benz and Maria Escoté rooms and the Bertha Benz room respectively, presenting a collection made from garments purchased from the Wallapop online platform.


Young talent grows as internationalisation moves forward

On Saturday 6 July, shows from the young creators Samsung Ego will kick start the presentation of collections at this year's MBFWMadrid at IFEMA, with the daring contributions of nine emerging creators.


This year, Samsung Ego has grown to become an international platform that supports fashion innovation, with the aim of becoming a global point of reference. Spain's Samsung Ego Innovation Project, the winner of a €10,000 scholarship, now brings together the collections of two international guests who are a role model in terms of innovation for the development of new clothing techniques, silhouettes, materials, staging and sustainability. The participation of these two international brands represents a quantitative leap in interest for the fashion media and followers, as well as a qualitative leap in the platform as a milestone in the latest ground-breaking fashion.


Of the three participants, the up-and-coming Alaska accessories company from Spain, the winner of the 12th Samsung EGO Innovation Project, will be responsible for launching the parade programme, with its project focusing on design, prototyping and the development of headwear accessories created through the incorporation of new hardware technologies and the latest design software.

After this there will be two international fashion shows – the first from VeniceW, from Ventura, California and resident in New York, which makes clothes in paper and then replicates them in linen and the second from London's Di Petsa, who uses a unique semitransparent fabric design that is reminiscent of wet material. 

Of the five young Spanish creators with shows at this year's Samsung EGO, three will be taking part for the first time – Inkrush, Wastaholic and Coconutscankill – while two will be returning – Becomely and Dominnico. 15 young creators will also be presenting their collections in the Samsung EGO Showroom's MBFWMadrid Cibelespacio, with direct sales to the visiting public.

Mariam Gvasalia, an international designer from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Georgia's show will close Samsung EGO 2019 as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Awards.

Fashion Vibes Market

Another feature of this year's MBFWMadrid is the holding of the Fashion Vibes Market, an open-air showcase for emerging brands – Fashion, accessories, beauty and decoration – located on the street in front of the entrance to IFEMA Pavilion 14 (free admission). It will run from 6 to 10 July in parallel with the sponsoring brands' shows and activities in Cibelespacio inside Pavilion 14.1, bringing together 20 brands.

Tribute to Leonor Pérez Pita

This year's MBFWMadrid will remember the character and legacy of Leonor Pérez Pita, better known as Cuca Solana, the director of this event for more than three decades, who died in March this year. Cuca was one of the most important figures in the fashion industry, which she loved deeply and for which she fought throughout her life in order to ensure it had the reputation and visibility it needed.

Pérez Pita directed the Pasarela Cibeles catwalk (currently Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid) with passion and total dedication, making it the standard bearer for the whole sector and the undisputed symbol of Spanish design inside and outside the country. Today she still continues to be linked to the IFEMA event as the President of the Fashion Committee, MBFWMadrid's advisory body for a number of areas.

As a tribute to her character and dedication to the catwalk, the screening of two tribute videos is planned. One will be presented in the Mercedes-Benz room, on Saturday 6 July at 1:45 pm on the opening day of the IFEMA fashion shows, with the other, featuring testimonials from prominent Spanish fashion figures, screened on Monday 8 July at 12.15 pm at the Sushita Café catwalk, in the company of designers and other professionals. This video will also be shown continuously at the same venue until Wednesday 10 July, allowing all attending this year's MBFWMadrid and Cibelespacio to see it. A book of remembrance will also be available for all those who want to dedicate a few words in memory of Cuca.

Presentations in different places in Madrid

On 5 July, the first day of this year's fashion shows, there will be presentations of collections in different places in Madrid, with the brands featured personally invited by designers such as Pilar Dalbat, Lexdeux, Carlota Barrera (the Who's On Next 2019 award winner), Maison Mesa and Moisés Nieto.

Closing the day of shows on 5 July, 21Buttons Fashion Gallery , the popular app and fashion social network will present a fashion exhibition at the Casino de Madrid, starring renowned influencers and models who will be wearing collections from Spanish firms such as ES Fascinante, featuring brands such as Atelier Aletheia, Clea Stuart, Charlotte Blaz, Leandro Cano, Devota&Lomba, Nina Mûr, Gold & Roses, Sybilla, Vogana, MAS34, Verbena Madrid and Isalda, among others. During the event, those attending can visit the exhibition and get to know the companies' designs through different corners shaped by the influencers and models, the stars of the evening.

Ekseption Luxury Multibrand Store will be dressing the windows of its Madrid stores with creations from this year's participating designers.

Another activity that will take place in Madrid in parallel with MBFWMadrid is the presentation of Camper Together with Ecoalf, organised by Miguel Fluxá, CEO of Camper and Javier Goyeneche, chairman and founder of Ecoalf at Ecoalf's Madrid store (Calle Hortaleza 116) on Tuesday 9 July.

MBFWMadrid will again be encouraging the extending of fashion and its different manifestations throughout the city, as usually happens in other major cities during their fashion weeks. Both Madrid City Council and the Comunidad de Madrid regional government support a large part of these initiatives, as well as the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME - Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España), through its Madrid es Moda programme.

The Comunidad de Madrid will again be helping to publicise fashion design and creation during this year's MBFWMadrid, supporting two designers, Pedro del Hierro and Roberto Verino, who will be exhibiting their designs at the Real Casa de Correos in Puerta del Sol, the headquarters of the Comunidad de Madrid, on 9 July at 8 pm and 9.30 pm respectively.

For its part, Madrid City Council, within the framework of its Madrid Capital de Moda (MCDM) programme, will once again be promoting and supporting a series of fashion-related activities in various areas of Madrid, such as the Maison Mesa show at Circo Price, the Pilar Dalbat and Juan Carlos Pajares show in the Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez gardens, the Maria Ke Fisherman event at Puente de Toledo and Lexdeux at the Central de Diseño de Matadero design centre. As at previous events, a screen will be installed in Plaza de Margaret Thatcher on the corner of Paseo de la Castellana, from which the 70th MBFWMadrid, taking place at Feria de Madrid, can be followed live, as well as providing information on other fashion projects.

Similarly, the Madrid es Moda (MeM) urban fashion festival, organised by the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME - Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España), in collaboration with Madrid City Council through Madrid Capital de Moda, will be presenting its ninth such event from 1 to 14 July. Exhibitions, special shop windows, museum tours, shows, talks on sustainable fashion, gastro-fashion partnerships, fashion film screenings and special shopping activities will be taking over the city from July 1 to 14. 

MBFWMadrid will also be holding an interesting off-programme event which will run from 2 to 4 July. 

L'Oréal Paris, 20 years of involvement in fashion

Another feature this year is the L'Oréal Paris Parade Because You're Worth It catwalk, supported by IFEMA/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which the cosmetics firm will hold on Wednesday 10 July at 7 pm, a deeply meaningful and relevant celebration of 20 years of association with and unconditional support for Spanish fashion. The event will bring together designers and winning models from the Best Collection and Best Model awards each year. Two decades in which the brand has continuously reinterpreted the diversity of femininity and 40 L'Oréal Paris Awards at MBFWMadrid.

Talks from the world of fashion at Cibelespacio

The Cibelespacio will be the location of several talks open to the visiting public, by leading figures from the world of fashion. 

The ELLE Fashion School area of MBFWMadrid Cibelespacio will feature 40-minute talks from fashion professionals who will reveal the latest features and speak about the current events of the sector. Innovation, coolhunting, influencers and digital marketing will be topics to be discussed by the speakers at these open talks at Cibelespacio. Speakers include Jessica Michault, CEO of the international digital platform of the Moda GPS Radar business, Pelayo Santos, Digital Marketing Director at New Link and Javier Plazas, coolhunter. 

All those interested in attending should confirm attendance at escuelamoda.elle.es

Meanwhile on 7, 8 and 9 July, Mó de Multiópticas will bring together outstanding influencers, such as Rocio Osorno, Ana Moya, Mery Turiel, Melissa Villareal, Paula Argüelles, Jesús Reyes, Maria Valdés, Andrea Rueda and Carmen de la Cruz and Carlota and Claudia.

In addition, the Spanish Fur Association (SFA) will be offering daily activities at its Cibelespacio stand led by prominent stylists including Natalia Bengoechea and Abraham Gutierrez, the actress Nerea Garmendia, the designer Dominnico and the influencer Jesús Reyes.

Featured buyers' programme

In its second event of the year, the catwalk show has returned to bringing its show days forward by two months to avoid coinciding with other international catwalk shows. In total, 22 buyers and 12 international journalists will be attending this year's MBFWMadrid, invited by the organisation. Representatives of prestigious concept stores will be attending, such as Mytheresa as well as department stores such as Harvey Nichols Saudi Arabia, Lafayette France, Fenwick United Kingdom, Le Bon Marché France, Fifty One East-Darwish Luxury of Qatar, Tsum Russia and Ginza Holding of the United Arab Emirates among others, with prominent figures and influencers from around the world, including Derek Warburton, Hilary Alexander OBE and Jessica Michault, among others. This year's catwalk will also feature a selection of major international heads of fashion such as Vogue Runway, Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, Hola Fashion UK, Millionair Mag, Forbes, Soedit and Telemundo de Miami. 

As was the case last year, MBFWMadrid will include a Buyers Room at Cibelespacio, to help participating designers establish commercial relationships with Spanish and international buyers. In this room, the designers' collections will be brought together so that they can be viewed by professionals, as well as serving as a meeting point and resting place for buyers invited by the organisation.  

New website and new app

This year's MBFWMadrid will be underlining its commitment to new technologies. It has launched a new website that offers a more attractive and visual design, in line with the nature of the event, based on the idea that digital channels are the first point of contact between people and the brand, in which design should play a fundamental role. The new website also allows for the optimising of participation and interaction on websites and mobile and social media channels.

Meanwhile, the event is also launching a new app. The new official MBFWMadrid app will provide the user enjoy a great fashion experience wherever they are, allowing them to discover all the features of Spain's leading catwalk and take in everything happening around them. 

Greater internationalisation

MBFWMadrid is part of the GPS Radar catwalks, an international platform thought of as the Linkedin of fashion, which connects professionals from the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sectors from all over the world. Last season, Spanish fashion was registered as the most downloaded and viewed among the catwalks recently joining this platform – Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Prague, Toronto, Tokyo and Russia – with almost 84,000 hits, compared to 39,000 for Tokyo in second place.

MBFWMadrid and its commitment to sustainability

MBFWMadrid maintains its commitment to sustainability. This year's handbag has been made with organic cotton. In a similar vein, Maria Escoté will be presenting a collection made from second-hand garments purchased through the Wallapop online platform, an initiative that is part of the so-called circular economy.


Once again, this year's MBFWMadrid will have major support from sponsoring brands. In total, 20 outstanding firms, leaders in their respective sectors, have confirmed their support this year. Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal Paris and Inditex, as main sponsors; Samsung, Dyson, Royal Bliss, Iberia, Font Vella, Mó de Multiópticas and Grey Goose, as sponsors, and Only YOU Hotels, Sushita Café, ESNE- University School of Design, SFA-Spanish Fur Association, Distrito 41 and Bestway as collaborators Lays Gourmet, HydraFacial, Anaconda and Xyon Revolution will also have a presence this year. 

In addition, Fashion TV will be the event's international television company.  

MBFWMadrid coincides with FIMI, the children's fashion fair

In its first days of exhibiting, the 70th MBFWMadrid will coincide with the FIMI children's fashion fair, co-organised by IFEMA and Feria Valencia, which will take place in Pavilion 14 from 5 to 7 July, presenting Spring-Summer 2020 collections. Once again, FIMI will be the most specialised meeting point in Europe in terms of children's and youth fashion. Its FIMI Kids Fashion Week catwalk will be incorporated into the exhibition, which will take place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July at 1.30 pm.




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