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Connect to the urban mobility

Do you want to come to TRAFIC to visit our fairs or would you like to exhibit at them? Here you will find all the information whether you want to come as a visitor or an exhibitor

Trafic 2021

International fair for safe and sustainable mobility

Trafic 2021, the International Safe and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition is a highly effective way for find sustainable and innovative mobility solutions that benefit everybody.

It is a meeting point between public and private companies and organisations in the sector, to find out people’s needs and the solutions that are on offer.

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Congress and activities

From TRAFIC 2021 we have proposed to put all our energy in building different challenges to accelerate from #innovacion and #colaboracion the Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy 2030. We will develop different conferences around sustainable urban mobility and discussion forums to identify action plans necessary to accelerate a lever of change in mobility.

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