What is Trafic?

road simulation at the fair

What is Trafic?

TRAFIC 2023 will be the meeting point where:

  • Bring together in Madrid the main players in the field of mobility in an initiative to encourage and support technicians in the industry in using new models of efficient and sustainable transport.
  • Efficient catalyst for finding solutions for protecting vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists).
  • Face the new challenges in the path to the transformation in energy, internet of things (IoT), digitalisation and intermodality.
  • Will be performed a complete programme of conferences, discussion forums, networking, B2B meetings between corporates and start-ups, workshops and webinar where to try and manage the new solutions that are proposed.
meeting of visitors at the fair

Why visit Trafic?

  • Get information about news. Know the trends of the sector
  • Attend live demonstrations and presentations of new products and / or services.
  • Visit current and potential suppliers and compare between them.  
  • Strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  • To build up a working networkProfessional Meeting Point and Meeting Agenda Service with all exhibitors at the trade show
  • Solve problems and discuss our needs with the technical staff.
  • Attending conferences, seminars and side events, an indisputable source of information on trends and developments in the sector.

In short, it will multiply your business opportunities

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