What is Trafic?

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What is Trafic?

TRAFIC 2019 will be the meeting point where:

  • Bring together in Madrid the main players in the field of mobility in an initiative to encourage and support technicians in the industry in using new models of efficient and sustainable transport.
  • Efficient catalystfor finding solutions for protecting vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists).
  • Face the new challenges in the path to the transformation in energy, internet of things (IoT), digitalisation and intermodality.
  • Will be performed a complete programme of conferences, discussion forums, networking, B2B meetings between corporates and start-ups, workshops where to try and manage the new solutions that are proposed.

TRAFIC 2019 will be represented by these 5 sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Smart Mobility
  • Parking
  • Road Safety
  • Traffic management

TRAFIC 2019 has the support of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of Development, the DGT and other collaborating entities, companies and associations of the sector, discover them all below.

Connect to the mobility of the future

Why visit Trafic?

By registering for this service, you can establish your place in the sector, directly receiving information from exhibitors and authorising them expressly through this service. In addition, by registering for this service and if authorised, IFEMA will keep you promptly informed of its activities, contents and services.

The main advantages of being a professional visitor registered with the Professional Meeting Point are:

  • Being part of a group of professionals in the sector who want to find out about the products and services that will be presented by the exhibitors at the fair before the others.
  • Exhibitors can inform you promptly and directly about their products, services, news, promotional actions, events etc. Your participation in the fair will make these the most profitable days of the year, increasing business opportunities and networking in a highly personalised way.
  • If the event has a Meeting Service, the visitor will be able to organise a schedule of visits with the exhibitors to maximise their presence at the fair.