What is Trafic?

what is trafic

What is Trafic?

TRAFIC will be the scenario in which we can face the challenges facing the sector within a very changing environment. To this end, it will be structuring the fair around the Infrastructure, Road Safety, Parking, Smart Mobility and Traffic Management sectors.

TRAFIC 2019 will bring together the leading firms of this industry (car manufacturers, MaaS providers, suppliers of intelligent transport systems, ITS, consultants, financial and insurance companies, energy and battery suppliers etc.); the main organisations and associations related to mobility; as well as the various administrative bodies.

As the General Director of Traffic, Pere Navarro says, “TRAFIC is the leading trade fair on mobility. As is the case in every edition, my interest is in getting to know the new products and solutions that the exhibitors are offering so that journeys by road and in the cities can be carried out safely and with respect for the environment.”

As well as the firm support for the event from the Ministry of the Interior, through the DGT, TRAFIC also has the backing of the Ministries of Development and of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the Servei Catalá de Transit, Madrid City Council; EMT, ITS SPAIN, ACEX, ASESGA, SEOPAN, the Technical Association of Highways and the Connected Mobility Hub.

TRAFIC 2019 will be of special interest to a large group of visiting professionals – representatives and technicians of public administrations, urban and interurban transport managers, mobility agents, those responsible for emergency and rescue assistance, representatives from information systems and infrastructure maintenance, auxiliary industry, civil engineering and architecture infrastructure builders, infrastructure managers, shopping centres, car parks, taxi operators, chauffeur-driven vehicles and last mile delivery services, representatives of vehicle dealers and repair services, engineering and ITC, universities and training centres, clusters, investment and risk capital networks and managers of public and private fleets etc.

In addition to the exhibition area, TRAFIC offers an content-packed agenda of meetings and professional conferences which will serve a space for high-level analysis and reflection. In addition to the TRAFIC Forum conferences and round tables, pre-scheduled B2B meetings will be held between companies and professionals.

Why visit Trafic?

By registering for this service, you can establish your place in the sector, directly receiving information from exhibitors and authorising them expressly through this service. In addition, by registering for this service and if authorised, IFEMA will keep you promptly informed of its activities, contents and services.

The main advantages of being a professional visitor registered with the Professional Meeting Point are:

  • Being part of a group of professionals in the sector who want to find out about the products and services that will be presented by the exhibitors at the fair before the others.
  • Exhibitors can inform you promptly and directly about their products, services, news, promotional actions, events etc. Your participation in the fair will make these the most profitable days of the year, increasing business opportunities and networking in a highly personalised way.
  • If the event has a Meeting Service, the visitor will be able to organise a schedule of visits with the exhibitors to maximise their presence at the fair.