Fashion Talk #2

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Fashion Talk 2

Fashion Talk #2: Upcycling and sustainability, its essential role in the future of fashion

Large fashion firms have taken a step forward and have pledged to improve their commitment to sustainability. Our national experts will analyze how the upcycling process is presented as a change in consumer ethics and a transformation for industry to benefit the environment. Find out in this Fashion Talk powered by Allianz.

18/09/2021 at 11:00h

Moderator: César Castro, CEO and founder of Highxtar

Speakers: Mariola Marcet, Isabel Ordóñez, Miguel Becer and Pepe Castelo.

Post-talk analysis: Consumers are increasingly demanding while global awareness of sustainability and upcycling is growing. A way of understanding the fashion ecosystem that is here to stay, albeit in an industry that is much less committed than it should be.

Despite the different realities and commitments, the shadow of greenwashing continues to loom large. Sustainability, once conceived as a utopia in general, has today - as we have seen - become a basic necessity for the planet and the future of our well-being.

The future is clear: the digitalisation of fashion. The present too: education and the practice of circular techniques such as upcycling.

 A multitude of small changes are big changes, breaking the chain of buy-use-throw away is key and there is only one way for this: education.