Spring/Summer 24


Ynésuelves at MBFWMadrid

About Ynésuelves

Ynésuelves firm founders share more than a business relationship, but a family connection as deep as mother and daughter bond.

María Osorio manifests her artistic skills through different forms of art and craft such as silk painting, ceramics, illustration and photography. She develops such sensitivity and creative skills since her early childhood in England, where she explored nature and other lifeforms, now embodied in her creations.

Ynés Suelves studied Fashion Design in London. During her years of study, María and Ynés decide to launch their first project named CO YN, a line of fine jewelery that remains today.

After finishing her studies, Ynés embodies her dream through the creation of an artistic universe, a clothing brand where the feminine connection of both mother and daughter, as well as the magical union of fashion and painting is expressed.

The naissance of the brand Ynésuelves takes place, and after five years both mother and daughter prepare their first fashion show at MBFWM, ”whYness”.

Collection lines

In this collection Ynesuelves explores textiles to the fullest, focuses on the movement of her garments and searches for emotion in color. It focuses on a more feminine silhouette than ever and will be characterized by the rich range of textures. Unlike other occasions, this collection is full of different fabrics and prints.

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