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Teresa Helbig

Most vocations are built during childhood. Teresa’s early years are not spent among toys and games, but rather fabrics, needles and threads. Her mother, a dressmaker working for a couture atelier, knows everything about the women’s body and what suits them best. In this context, fashion becomes a game for Teresa a magic tool to create something extraordinary from nothing, and be whoever you want to be.

From that moment on, she’s cultivated that unapologetic, restless and rebellious notion on fashion. For her, it’s not a profession but a means to experimentation and innovation that must never compromise the highest standards of execution and detailing. Teresa’s mother encourages her to try and pursue new techniques and styles as long as the final result is impeccable a double lesson Teresa still swears by: one can, and must, have fun while designing, as long as the final piece is perfect for the customer. That’s the one and most important requirement.

As a window dresser, Teresa creates her very first clothes, that she will later create to dress herself too. Wherever she goes, without exception, she’s asked who makes her fabulous dresses, which leads Teresa to start a small made to order business that, little by little, grows into a small team of artisans and couturiers in her very first atelier, with her mother as her right hand.

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Teresa Helbig 25 years of authenticity, recognition, independence and unwavering faith in her collections: extraordinary pieces made to last and be enjoyed by  Helbig woman for many years.

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There is something fascinating, almost monastic, in every library. In them, we navigate in strict silence and with voracious enthusiasm through all kinds of writings (old, current, fictional or real), letting ourselves be guided by curiosity. Under the watchful eye of its librarians, the guardians of these temples of knowledge, we walk their corridors in search of Woolf, Lucia Berlin, Clarice Lispector or Carson McCullers, like an apprentice following his teacher.

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