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Teresa Helbig

Born in Barcelona, she spent her childhood surrounded by fabrics in her mother’s haute couture workshop, where she acquired a taste for detail and perfectionism, which along with her creativity, are hallmarks of her work.

Teresa imposes her character on all her creations. Passion, creativity, innovation and exquisiteness make each garment a true masterpiece, far removed from the ordinary or mass produced. Dresses with strength, design and style that last from season to season, beautifully crafted, traditionally manufactured dresses.

Teresa creates and manufactures all her garments in her atelier in Barcelona. She follows the creative process in minute detail from start to finish. She adores experimenting with the best fabrics, combining silk, tulle, gemstone embroidery and crochet., etc.

The Collection


Rome, 1976 Usually quiet, the Via della Pace is busier than usual tonight. The ladies of the HelbigClub are having a meeting. Tonight, and tonight only, this private club has opened its 
doors to show the world what goes on inside.

The people in this club smoke, argue, dance, curse and discuss philosophy and art. They 
speak their minds... and they are beautifully dressed. Some are in their twenties, others 
in their seventies; executive members, bohemian members who live by the beach. They 
are united by culture, respect, camaraderie and an infinite love of fashion. The only requirement for acceptance is for them to contact you. 

The result is a nocturnal, gang-style, festive and even somewhat rough collection. The epitome of the #helbigang. 

A Helbig woman always gets noticed. 

Teresa Helbig at MBFWMadrid

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