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Spring/Summer 24

Many vocations are forged in childhood. Teresa Helbig's first years of life are not spent among cuddly toys and construction games, but among knitting, needle and thread. Her mother, a dressmaker in a haute couture workshop, knows all the tricks to bring out the best in a woman's silhouette. In this way, fashion for the little Teresa becomes a game in her eyes, a magic that creates clothes out of nothing, a disguise that allows you to be whoever you want to be.

From then on, she would never abandon this rebellious, restless and undramatised conception of fashion. For Teresa it is not yet a profession, but an experiment, but her mother's demands never lower the bar when it comes to perfectionist details. Teresa's mother encourages her to try out styles and shapes, but never admits any garment that is not impeccable. And so, the future designer learns a double lesson, which she keeps alive to this day: you have to have fun designing; the only obligation is to deliver a perfect garment to the customer. 

The first dresses Teresa sewed were for her work as a window dresser. Later, to dress them herself. With them she is seen at social events, where she is always asked about what she is wearing. That was the beginning of a production on demand, then small series, and the first steps as an atelier, with a small team, and always with her mother as her right-hand woman.

With almost 30 years of career, Teresa Helbig is going through her sweetest and most special moment.

Recently awarded the Premio Nacional de Diseño de Moda 2023 by the Ministry of Culture, which pays tribute to a career of almost 30 years committed to craftsmanship, tradition, innovation and female empowerment, they face this coming season especially excited because,in addition to presenting an exquisite collection in which digitalisation and artificial intelligence will play a leading role, they are preparing to return to Los Angeles to continue conquering international territory thanks to the support of clients and women such as Zendaya, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Emma Roberts, Emily Blunt, Gwen Stefani and Saoirse Ronan, all of whom they are proud to consider part of the Helbig Gang.

Collection lines

"And suddenly I felt it, just like that.

On the terrace of my room, squatting on a wooden and raffia chair, gazing at the Hotel de Ville, with fiery eyes, bitten nails, and an expensive hairstyle gone to waste.

I smoked a lot that afternoon.

I wore a chiffon ruffled dress with embroidered nerves. Exquisite.

I went to my mother's room and "borrowed" some jewelry and clothes. I promise I intended to return it all.

I appeared on a train, then another, and then on a boat, and then another train until I reached Texas from Paris.

And, like when the apple fell on Newton, just like that, I became unstoppable." Teresa.

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