Fall/Winter 24/25

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About Simorra

SIMORRA was founded in 1978 by Javier Simorra, who learned his profession directly from his father, a traditional tailor from Barcelona who was passionate about the Opera. Of perfectionist hand, firm outline and inquisitive gaze, Javier Simorra decided in the late 70s to create a fashion proposal that combined the elegant gestures and attention to detail of the couture he learned at home, with a more contemporary and closer approach to the prêt-à-porter of the time.

In 2016, the brand stepped into a new stage of modernization with the incorporation of the Dimas family. With an extensive textile background, the family group undertook an updating process that, as Javier Simorra did at the time, focused mainly on innovating from the creation process, thus giving the materials the leading role. The new SIMORRA places the fabric at the center of the design and understands the material as a vehicle of creative expression to communicate messages and emotions.

It is the material and its potential to transmit emotions that gives shape and depth to a design that responds to a contemporary and transgenerational society that understands the future as something that has no age and that knows how to merge tradition with new trends to gain strength.

Collection lines

Discover who we are, where we come from to understand what is our origin, everything that brings us together as humanity and that approaches us at a time when we need to be more and more united.

The collection that SIMORRA presents for FW24-25, is a collection inspired by fossils and the presence of life preserved in an instant, which are collected in these witnesses of time. Studied to interpret the life of past times. Their printing on pieces of stones and minerals are considered the first photographs; a heritage of the past.

Stories of birth, flourishing and decline, mutation and extinction. The idea of a life in constant evolution towards the future.

In this collection, we are inspired by these fossil reminiscences to design three-dimensional fabrics capable of communicating the sense of history and culture, to translate it into sophisticated fashion with an enriched hybrid style between the past and the future.

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