Sergio Villasante

Sergio Villasante in MBFWMadrid

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Zebras in London? Why not? is a collection that serves both as the end and the beginning of a new chapter not just for my personal life but for my professional life too. Analyzing the things that have inspired me last few years and some of my passions since I was a child, I arrived at this project in which, through the character that Walter Rothschild was I explore the silhouettes and fashions of the nineteenth century, how colonialism shaped fashion in many ways in those years and how its effects are affecting our culture till this day.

Mi goal with this collection was since the first moment fusing contemporary menswear fashion with Victorian era womenswear and through the mixing of textiles, silhouettes and prints create something that feels relevant in todays fashion and at the same time, something that reflects my idealized view of what menswear can be. Silk blouses, mohair knitwear and cotton textiles mix with printed moirés, sequin vests and nylon taffetas in this collection full of contrasts and humor from the beginning to the end.