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Sabela Juncal

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About Sabela Juncal

Sabela Juncal (Pontevedra, 1997) studies Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Vigo, graduating in 2019. After that, she focusses on fashion, an inclination she had already shown before starting her university stage. In 2021 she finished her Master's in Design and Creative Direction in Fashion at the University of Vigo, which has allowed her to experiment and develop creatively.

"Condominio" puts an end to a period in which she explores all the parts of the process of developing a collection, from the conception of the theme to pattern making, manufacture, design, and graphic printing.

Her first professional contact was at The Campamento Kidswear. She is currently a menswear designer at Adolfo Dominguez.

Collection lines

Condominio represents the process of building a home. Creating a house is establishing relationships, structures, spaces, and atmospheres. Put partitions, divide. Build stairs, floors, and roofs. Doors and windows. Give birth to characters and imagine the stories that precede them, the situations that made them find themselves here and now, that inhabit this home. Dress them up, design, make patterns, choose their fabrics and sew their clothes. Make their accessories, their everyday objects, and their memories. It is about originating the only portion of reality over which we have absolute control. Imagine a story, tangible, physical, and visible to the eyes of any anonymous spectator.

From the conception of the theme, elements such as representation systems and scale, dimensions, documentation, time, and section become fundamental.

The domestic space defines the conditions and characteristics of the collection, evidenced in the selection of fabrics and graphic development. Furthermore, throughout the project, a parallel is observed between the wunderkammer and the home. After all, the house is where every one of the objects possessed is kept and accumulated: the personal baggage that life stores and the equipment that belongs to the home itself. This wide range of inanimate objects, from the representation of living beings to miniature household items, inspires both the graphic part of the project and the accessories.

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