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Roberto Verino

Roberto Verino was born in Verín (Ourense) in 1945. After acquiring important experience in Paris, he launched his own label in 1982 and presented his first fashion show in the Pasarela Cibeles in 1984. Ever since, he has occupied an outstanding place in Spanish fashion, combining his work as a designer with his Gargalo wine cellar. In 1999 he founded with  Jesús del Pozo, Antonio Pernas, Ángel Schlesser and Modesto Lomba the Association Fashion Creators from Spain. In 2007, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of the creation of his brand name with a retrospective exhibition in the Museo del Traje in Madrid, which could also be seen in the Gabarrón Foundation of New York. Roberto Verino has created an international entrepreneurial group, with sales points in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and at his online store. In 1997, he received the AENOR Quality Certificate, and was the very first Spanish company to obtain it and, in 2010, he became a member of the Foro de Marcas Renombradas. He has received many honors and recognitions, such as the Medal of Merit of Fine Arts, the Aguja de Oro and the T de Telva Award. 

In 2016 he became the first spanish fashion designer in joining the international movement See now, nuy now. Since then, his fashion shows presents the collection of the current season with garments that are already available to his consumers, offering the immediacy that our time requires. 

In 2018 he implemented a estrategic plan in order to achieve a relevant international expansion and to approach the international market already started in Mexico. 

In January 2020 he inaugurated the Madrid es Moda festival with Legado, a new presentation format  for his Spring-Summer 2020 held at the Casa de la Panadería of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. That same year, the last edition of the "Madrid es Moda" festival was inaugurated with the launch of his Autumn/Winter 2020 collection "Organic Rationalism" with a small format event, adapted to the changes imposed by COVID 19 and held at MediaLab Prado, which included a performance and a documentary made in collaboration with the "La Tecnocreativa".

In April 2021, Roberto Verino presents his Spring-Summer 2021 collection with different street actions as part of Madrid Fashion Week and the Madrid Fashion Capital project. A virtual fashion show of “Essentialism” collection was created on Serrano street with black and white photographs and a QR code to see each look in color and in motion just scanning it with a smarthphone. In addition, a photo shoot of these proposals in the city centre turned the Literary Quarter  into a catwalk.

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URBAN NOMADISM, the spirit of 21st century 

We live in constant movement, moving in a matter of seconds and naturally  from virtual to physical, from tradition to innovation, from global to local. We adapt swiftly to each new reality transforming how we relate, dress and create our homes. And it is among all these changes that we seek timeless references with which to bond emotionally, things that make us feel always close to home. This is our transient spirit of the 21st century.

Roberto Verino presents URBAN NOMADISM, a collection designed for an evolving life in which the barriers of temporality, the interior and exterior, between new and recovered, are blurred to create new proposals that respond to the needs of today.

As URBAN NOMADISM, we desire meaningful garments that accompany us along the way, that adapt to each circumstance, protect us from the elements and emotionally wrap us, becoming an extension of ourselves.

Roberto Verino in MBFWM

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