Cristina Ruiz, born the 13th of January 1999, is a Spanish fashion designer graduated in 2021 from the "Instituto Europeo de Diseño" of Madrid. Cristina has been raised in a very energetic environment, influenced by her two older brothers and her father, which, from a young age, has helped her develop a fierce, firm and ambitious attitude; an attitude that is highly reflected in both her strength and power when it comes to designing.

Her first contact with the fashion industry comes from her close relationship with her grandmother. As a child, Cristina would accompany her to luxury stores, fostering her passion for craftsmanship, quality and style.

Her first haute couture piece, and the key player in awakening her passion for design, was a white Christian Dior suit that, like the first film watched by a master filmmaker or the first photograph seen by a great photographer, will always have an influence and a special place in her memory. Since then, and encouraged by her years at school, where the suit was a common element in her day to day life, she knew that her design would be highly influenced by tailoring.

Cristina knew from an early age that she wanted to found her own fashion label, and since then, she has worked hard and tirelessly to achieve that goal, developing both her creative talent and her unique and exciting identity.

Collection lines

My references to build this collection are based on three personal bases of my design.

Firstly, color through light. Being passionate about cinema and the performing arts, I have always been impressed by the ability to create different and strong emotions through light and color. The hand-painted kerchiefs, inspired by those marvelous spaces of light created by the well-known artist James Turrell, are a reflection of this. They are created using a Zero Waste technique in which the kerchief can be worn alone, in a traditional manner, or be transformed into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces by combining two or more together.

Secondly, the ability to construct and deconstruct after having analyzed the bases and traditional elements of a design, in order to create new pieces and evolve, is fundamental to me. Therefore, and encouraged by my passion for it, tailoring was a necessary element in my collection. I have deconstructed and played with the bases and elements of tradition to design a bold and different tailoring collection.

Finally, the personal experiences we have throughout life, and how they affect not only the way we are, but the way we express ourselves, are also very important to me, so, more than a simple collection of clothes parading on a catwalk, this is a collection with which I wanted to reflect my personality, character and identity.

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