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Pilar Dalbat

Pilar Torrecillas, the brand’s creative director, was born in Granada. Its evolution is marked by an environment closely linked to the world of architecture. After finishing her studies in Spain, the United Kingdom and France, she worked as a fashion collections buyer in Paris for six years. Her love for design, for her job and for her hometown has led her, after a decade abroad, to return to Spain with an international vision to create her own brand in 2000.

Her DNA has been modelled over the years in what Pilar understands as a hybrid between two profiles, that of designer as a creative soul and that of a brand, due to her capacity for production and marketing. In 2005 she received the Flag of Andalusia.

Each garment is designed, made from start to finish and distributed from their workshops in Granada in a commitment to "made in Spain" and handmade products.

Pilar Dalbat has developed a method of working that is all her own through her relationship with architecture and her defence and enhancement of heritage spaces. The places she chooses to show her creations inspire the creative process of each collection. She looks upon her collections as a whole and conceives sensory staging that goes beyond the usual formats.

Her signature collections are present in the most prestigious showrooms and points of sale in Spain and abroad. Her work is marked by a contemporary vision of fashion capable of creating garments whose design stands the test of time.

The brand presents its collections twice a year at the MBFWM. She has been a guest designer at the RFW (Russian Fashion Week), in Paris and the Czech Republic and has presented her collections several times in Tokyo.

Pilar collaborates with artists from very diverse fields and is a lecturer at the University of Granada as well as at many of the Art Schools and fashion education centres in Spain.

Collection lines

Granada inlay is poetry.

Soul and artisan hands hidden behind an overwhelming and ferocious industry.

Ancient technique of Nasrid origin, today in the process of disappearing, it only lasts in Granada and Damascus.

The "Taracea" winter 2023 collection brings the viewer closer to this craft, a jewel of Andalusia's Intangible Heritage. Shell, ivory, mother-of-pearl or metal are traditionally embedded in wood to, as if it were a puzzle, create geometric drawings of infinite shapes.

These colorful mosaics are intricate representations of urban landscapes, architecture, and geometric patterns.

Coats, overshirts and vests in doubleface and vegan shearling trimmed in fluorine, tricolor capes, the brand's icon, in velvet and neoprene make up the winteriest part of the collection.

Pants in virgin wool, crêpes and metallics are hand-embroidered with methacrylate and glass beads and combine with knitted sweaters, neoprene sweatshirts and hand-embroidered scarves. Pilar reaffirms herself once again in a way of making slow fashion collections, defending author fashion and 100% made in Spain.

Skirts in richly decorated virgin wool or silk taffeta combine with natural silk blouses and tops.

The evening garments bet on the volume in the skirts and the use of new materials such as tecnonapa with which Pilar and her team have experimented.

The color barometer is that of the Inlay itself; bone, cherry, light blue, dry green that combine with white and black. Decorative elements of this ancient technique are abstracted and digitized for the development of patterns and prints. From them, pieces of methacrylate and walnut wood are obtained with which to embroider fabrics and materials used.

Pilar Dalbat has worked on this collection with artisans from Granada in the development of inlaid bags and earrings and with the young artist Héctor Lara in the development of 3D garments and accessories that complete the proposal.

Pilar Dalbat in MBFWM

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