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Pilar Dalbat

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About Pilar Dalbat

Pilar Torrecillas, the brand’s creative director, was born in Granada. Its evolution is marked by an environment closely linked to the world of architecture. After finishing her studies in Spain, the United Kingdom and France, she worked as a fashion collections buyer in Paris for six years. Her love for design, for her job and for her hometown has led her, after a decade abroad, to return to Spain with an international vision to create her own brand in 2000.

Her DNA has been modelled over the years in what Pilar understands as a hybrid between two profiles, that of designer as a creative soul and that of a brand, due to her capacity for production and marketing. In 2005 she received the Flag of Andalusia.

Each garment is designed, made from start to finish and distributed from their workshops in Granada in a commitment to "made in Spain" and handmade products.

Pilar Dalbat has developed a method of working that is all her own through her relationship with architecture and her defence and enhancement of heritage spaces. The places she chooses to show her creations inspire the creative process of each collection. She looks upon her collections as a whole and conceives sensory staging that goes beyond the usual formats.

Her signature collections are present in the most prestigious showrooms and points of sale in Spain and abroad. Her work is marked by a contemporary vision of fashion capable of creating garments whose design stands the test of time.

The brand presents its collections twice a year at the MBFWM. She has been a guest designer at the RFW (Russian Fashion Week), in Paris and the Czech Republic and has presented her collections several times in Tokyo.

Pilar collaborates with artists from very diverse fields and is a lecturer at the University of Granada as well as at many of the Art Schools and fashion education centres in Spain.

Collection lines

The concept of the "capable solid" has been the guiding principle of this collection. The theories on the restoration and intervention of monuments suggest that when "a part is missing", it is rebuilt in such a way that it is reduced to an intervention that recovers the image of continuity, without any element that is part of the "false history".

Pilar Dalbat's team discovered this working formula thanks to the intervention carried out on the Nasrid wall of Granada; incomplete, historically fractured and masterfully recovered in 2006 by applying this concept.

The collection completes the work of the previous years looking for those gaps to propose garments and silhouettes following the line of work that has built its DNA. Pilar and her team add contained volumes that seek to generate harmony. They interpret by searching for their roots in their closest environment, without reproducing the most immediate elements of the imaginary of Andalusian designer fashion, facilitating the reading of their proposal and thus filling in the gaps.

The colour barometer, defined by the place and its heritage elements, gives rise to the abstraction of lime green, grey, sand, aquamarine and beige.

The collection, composed of 32 looks, contains lines that combine frayed linen gazar fabrics with glitter tulle, pleats and taffeta to create new silhouettes.

Metallic fabrics, present in the designs of each collection, appear again this time in the different textures and fabrics.

Three-coloured cloaks, a great classic of the brand, reappear with transparencies and new textures making up the most spring-like part of the collection.

Lime green in taffetas, crepes and fantasy gives way to versatile and fluid garments. Pilar reaffirms once again her slow fashion collections, defending the author's fashion and the 100% made in Spain.

The evening looks are all about glitter, transparencies and pleats. Dresses, waistcoats and skirts with methacrylate embroidery and crystal beads combine with silky tops and neoprene.

Pilar Dalbat has worked in this collection recovering the architectural spaces as inspiration and source of resources for the conception of pieces handmade in her workshop located in the heart of Granada.

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