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Pilar Dalbat

Pilar Torrecillas, the brand’s creative director, was born in Granada. Its evolution is marked by an environment closely linked to the world of architecture. After finishing her studies in Spain, the United Kingdom and France, she worked as a fashion collections buyer in Paris for six years. Her love for design, for her job and for her hometown has led her, after a decade abroad, to return to Spain with an international vision to create her own brand in 2000.

Her DNA has been modelled over the years in what Pilar understands as a hybrid between two profiles, that of designer as a creative soul and that of a brand, due to her capacity for production and marketing. In 2005 she received the Flag of Andalusia.

Each garment is designed, made from start to finish and distributed from their workshops in Granada in a commitment to "made in Spain" and handmade products.

Pilar Dalbat has developed a method of working that is all her own through her relationship with architecture and her defence and enhancement of heritage spaces. The places she chooses to show her creations inspire the creative process of each collection. She looks upon her collections as a whole and conceives sensory staging that goes beyond the usual formats.

Her signature collections are present in the most prestigious showrooms and points of sale in Spain and abroad. Her work is marked by a contemporary vision of fashion capable of creating garments whose design stands the test of time.

The brand presents its collections twice a year at the MBFWM. She has been a guest designer at the RFW (Russian Fashion Week), in Paris and the Czech Republic and has presented her collections several times in Tokyo.

Pilar collaborates with artists from very diverse fields and is a lecturer at the University of Granada as well as at many of the Art Schools and fashion education centres in Spain.

Collection lines

“2020 part 1” winter 2021, is the first instalment of the brand’s anniversary celebration. It’s a retrospective of all the winter collections presented so far. Retakes on iconic models juxtaposed with others expressly designed to compose a coherent proposal. Research, recovery and adaptation of pattern design and experimentation with materials is an exercise in synthesis and reuse of resources.

 So “2020 part 1” winter 2021 is a manifesto of the values that Pilar Dalbat defends from its origins.

 Timeless options for durable, responsible and sustainable fashion.

 Handicraft enriches and is a tangible value capable of rescuing the handmade garment from “the voracious dynamic of consumption” avoiding its disappearance.

Heritage as a container and indispensable exhibition space. The 16th century Sala de Bóvedas (Vault Room) in the original Casa de la Panadería is the only space in the Plaza Mayor that has survived three fires and five centuries of events. According to the brand’s model of construction, it is a source of inspiration for a collection that interprets the endurance of architecture and heritage, city life and the Sala de Bóvedas itself.

 Pilar Dalbat is turning 20 years old in 2020.

The collection, made up of 34 looks, combines lines that mix double-sided fabrics, cashmere and boiled wool, neoprene, crêpe, organza, knits and natural silk muslin capable of creating any shape.

Metallic fabrics, always found in this brand's collections, are used in vegan double faces with sheepskin for heavier garments; capes, jackets and long structured vests. Other outerwear - including scarves, collars and snoods - are made with cashmere and boiled wool cloths are used.

Dresses revisit the iconic winter shapes of the brand’s last 20 years in flowing knits, crêpe, organza and even the cloths themselves. Neoprene pieces combine block colours, a classic of the brand and another line in this collection.

High necks, long sleeves and the A-line silhouette, favourites of Pilar Dalbat, are teamed with balloon sleeves, high waists and cape skirts.

The colour palette of this collection is that of the space itself, the Vault Room and its surroundings. Hand-painted silk garments feature motifs from the frescoes on the walls of the Casa de la Panadería that houses the room and the colours of the Plaza Mayor at sunset.

The most elaborate garments are hand embroidered with quartz, porcelain, sheepskin and patches of thread, edged with biases or lined with contrasting colours, all techniques typical of PILAR DALBAT.

Pilar Dalbat at MBFWMadrid

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