Peter Sposito

Peter Sposito in MBFWMadrid

Collection lines

The collection has been named Monument, as way of symbol, artistic and emotional value it has for me. During these years I have been looking, little by little, for a correct aesthetic way, in which I felt more connected, comfortable and faithful to myself. A reflection of me.

With this collection, I want to reflect the achievement of feeling closer to the creation-designer relationship. It shows more clearly that love for past stories, historicism, drama and theatrical, and at the same time that union with the street, the XXI century.

All a declaration of intent, and the first stones of the monument. My Monument.

At first, I wanted to enjoy it, and pay tribute to all the past as a designer that I have had. In this way, I have represented some looks, other looks from the past that I already made.. Re-making them with different fabrics, using parts from other patterns, or types of garments.

There are three stories. The first, more subtle and more subtle and restrained, would be the introduction of myself, an evolution and re-interpretation of how I dress. This part will include garments focused for sale.

As a second story, the looks become more delicate, fluid and varied in silhouette. In this way, reference is made to the most delicate and emotional side from myself. Finally, the third part becomes more deconstructive, violent and sweet at the same time, reflecting a struggling woman, without fear and taboos. My most theatrical and dramatic part.