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Pedro del Hierro

Spanish men and women's fashion firm, which designs exclusive collections for lovers of beauty. It has been owned by Tendam, leading fashion sector company, since 1992.  Pedro del Hierro's international expansion started in 2007 and its products are now available in more than 35 countries and around 300 points of sale.

The Collection

Pedro del Hierro presents his 2020 Spring-Summer collection at the Real Casas de Correos de Madrid at this new edition of MBFWM. 

A collection with an ethnic vibe with which Pedro del Hierro will bring the floral essence of springtime to Madrid with SUPERBLOOM. A natural phenomenon that will make everyone rethink the traditional idea of arid African landscapes. After a short rainy season, every summer, for just a few weeks, wild flowers transform the vast, arid Sub-Saharan savannah into a vivid, spectacular explosion of colour. 

This is known as the desert SUPERBLOOM.

Colour is what connects the garments on the catwalk, guiding the colour palette through a story that starts the day in neutral shades like the beiges, earth tones and khakis of the African savannah, then, after nightfall, dark colours like navy blue, chocolate brown and black prevail before giving way to a new colourful dawn; the SUPERBLOOM by Pedro del Hierro, bursting with golds, corals and deep oranges...

SUPERBLOOM is a magnificent combination of Made in Spain craftsmanship that goes into each piece and contemporary Africa, drawing on the essence of Pedro del Hierro which makes this an affordable, exclusive luxury brand. 

A new, elegant line, with architectural touches in both shapes and prints - and fresh touches designed to surprise in a versatile collection, where the brand’s traditional fabrics are combined with raffia, linen, eco-taffeta, embroidery, etc. Organics for daytime wear are teamed with high-tech finishes for women's evening wear with metallic, shiny finishes, and for menswear, in trench coats, parkas and field jackets with a safari touch.

With SUPERBLOOM, Pedro del Hierro has created a mature collection true to the values of the firm, adding brushstrokes of modernity with surprising cuts and masterly use of fabrics.

 Unique garments that fuse a trip to another continent with a passion for Spanish craftsmanship. 

Pedro del Hierro at MBFWMadrid

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