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Pedro del Hierro

Spanish men and women's fashion firm, which designs exclusive collections for lovers of beauty. It has been owned by Tendam, leading fashion sector company, since 1992.  Pedro del Hierro's international expansion started in 2007 and its products are now available in more than 35 countries and around 300 points of sale.

Collection liines

Pedro del Hierro presents his Autumn-Winter 2020 collection in the Crystal Gallery in the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid during MBFWM. 

Aquarius is the name of this new line inspired by the changing astrological era. We are leaving behind the convulsions of the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius, a period of introspection and harmony characterised by a change in universal values, where collective interests take precedence over personal ones. It is the group before the individual. It is the era of union.

This collectivity is represented in Aquarius, the new collection with which the firm redefines the concepts of masculinity and femininity, both for day and evening wear.

To achieve this, the day wear, through its tailoring or travel line, displays a harmony with very modern, comfortable and versatile fabrics and outlines. For its part, the evening collection presents more ground breaking and daring garments where the mixture of textures, overlaps and structure go hand in hand with luxury and sophistication.

Chromatically, Aquarius by Pedro del Hierro goes one step further and presents a collection that is characterised by the use of dark tones, with grey and black as the main colours, splashed with highlights and satin as a nod to the sparkles of the stars and planets that govern our destiny in this new stage of change and introspection. 

Pedro del Hierro at MBFWMadrid

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