Paloma Suárez

Paloma Suárez

Paloma Suárez at MBFWMadrid

About Paloma Suárez

Paloma Suárez - Canary Islands, 1993-

Considered one of the young talents of Spanish fashion, she began creating her first hand-painted sneakers at the age of 12. Graduated with honors from ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology in 2015.

After completing her studies, at the age of 21, she was selected to present her first Prêt-à-Porter collection at MBFWM, in addition to having won the "Most Young Talent of the Community of Madrid" award, having been named a Medal European Gold Award for Merit at Work, Young Canary, Ambassador of the World Biosphere Reserve of La Palma, among other.

She has conquered the street styles of fashion weeks such as New York, Milan or Madrid, with multiple national and international publications. Her creations have appeared in various Talent Shows worldwide and international artists regularly wear her designs, including Clhoe x Halle, Normani, Aitana, Paulina Rubio, Beatriz Luengo...

Collection lines

"Have you ever wondered why there are numbers that are key throughout your life?"

23 has been chosen to name the new collection by the creative Paloma Suárez. The numbers keep a very diverse interpretation for each of the cultures and are a way of defining the vibrations of living beings.

Each person usually has their lucky number. Something that, for some reason, gives you good energy, remembers a good moment or has been present at important moments in your life.

For the designer's family it has always been 23. It will take 100 years to live another year with this number, so this collection talks about numerology from a more personal point of view. A memory of all the good situations that have accompanied them over the years through this magical number.

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