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Paloma Suárez

Considered to be one of Spain’s young fashion talents, Paloma Suárez - 1993, Canarias - began creating her first painted shoes at age of 12.  Graduated with honors by ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology in 2015. 

After finishing her studies, when she was 21 years old, she was selected to present her first Prêt-à-Porter collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid along with the young promises of spanish fashion on the EGO platform.

In addition to having won the prize of  Youthful Talent of the Community of Madrid, she was finalist in MFShoe Lab by PANDORA and also named European Gold Medal for Merit in the Work, award as outstanding young Canary, among other mentions.

Currently her designs have conquered the street style of fashion weeks like New York, Milan, Miami, Dubai or Madrid, with national and international publications and her creations have appeared in Talent Shows as X Factor, moreover dressing international artists such as the sisters Clhoe x Halle, Normani, Tiffany Young, Aitana, Sweet California, Lola Índigo, Ana Guerra, Leslie Shaw, Paulina Rubio, Barbara Bandeira…

Collection lines

"Your root is intact. You will flourish again."

You heal when you reconnect with that sacred place within you that was never touched, broken, or damaged. It is your true being, absolute, always present, innocent and free, from which you can be reborn infinite times. Your essence is indestructible.

Bloom is the new collection with which the creative Paloma Suárez wants to pay homage to her countrymen on the island of La Palma by sending them a message of light. She suffered and followed with anguish the reality that hit the neighbors affected by the longest-lived volcano in the history of the island. Now, once the emergency of the eruption is over, it is time not to forget everything that happened and actively contribute to the recovery of the island, especially in urgently restoring meaning to the lives of all those families who lost everything.

Through the colors, lines and textures, the intention is to take a trip through those 85 days in which we all had our souls in suspense with mixed feelings between the fascination for the greatness of a natural phenomenon and the human drama that the volcano was causing. However, if something characterizes the character of the Canary Islands, it is the ability to resurface, to fight, to be reborn, to grow, to never throw the towel and, all this, always trying to do it with the best smile on the face. Because where there is now ashes, it will bloom again.

Always faithful to her philosophy of slow fashion, 100% local manufacturing and a taste for craftsmanship, Bloom is made up of the brand's characteristic fabrics with iridescent, vinyl or metallic effects, tulle details and textile experimentation. She continues shelling and playing with upcycling to transform leftovers into luxurious fabrics that gain a new life through her avant-garde designs.

Paloma Suárez in MBFWM

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