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Born in Madrid, Spain, with studies in Law from the UAM and Master in Business and Marketing Management from ESIC Marketing & Business School, Sergio De Lázaro is part of the founding team of Otrura and currently directs its collections.

Throughout his career, he learned the different crafts within the fashion houses for which he has worked and specializes in Leather Goods, Tailoring and Couture, as well as Haute Horlogerie thanks to stays in differents “métiers” in Spain, France or Switzerland.

After almost 19 years in historic fashion houses, he launched the first men's footwear collection for the Fall 2018 campaign. In October 2019, the first RtW collection.

During the April 2021 edition of the MBFWM he and his team have the honor of winning the L'Oreal award for Best Collection

He feels more comfortable defining himself as someone trying to convey a creative concept. A twinning between inherited know-how and contemporary language and materials.

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