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Born in Madrid, Sergio De Lázaro is part of the founding team of Otrura and its Creative Director. While his background in law and business management provided the fundamentals for launching the award-winning brand, his true calling has always been linked to fashion. Throughout his professional career, where he was formed at Hermès and Christian Dior, he meticulously studied a variety of artisanal crafts. During the time spent at the ateliers across Spain, France, and Switzerland, he has specialized in Leather Goods, Tailoring and Couture, and Haute Horlogerie.

After almost 19 years working at historic fashion houses, he launched the first men's footwear collection during the Fall 2018 season, followed up by his first ready-to-wear collection in October 2019.

During the April 2021 edition of the MBFWM, he and his team won the L’Oréal award for the Best Collection.

He feels more comfortable defining himself as someone trying to convey a creative concept – a synergy between the inherited know-how and contemporary language and materials.

Collection lines

Seeing each other again this season is a very important moment for all of us who form part of this House.It means getting another opportunity to showcase our work and our continued dedication to craftsmanship. We hope that you are equally excited for what’s to come next.

As we reveal this new collection, we are excited to share our Theme of the Year that serves as the inspiration and concept of this show and will accompany us from September 2023 to August 2024.

Title of the show Fall Winter 23_24 “Re-Cras”

Theme of the Year 2023_2024 “Caligrama”

Calligram (from the French word calligramme) is a visual poem, phrase, or set of words whose purpose is to form a picture of what the poem is about, in which the typography, calligraphy, or handwritten text is arranged or configured in such a way that it creates a visual image (visual poetry). The garments, reflecting the craftsmanship of our workshops and the daily dedication of the entire team, is our Calligram. It is our way of expressing and communicating ourselves. It is the language that we use. It is the grammar, the letters, and the words, that make up the written and spoken language, the one used by writers, artists, and those of us who write in the bathroom mirror fog.

A declaration of love on a post-it, and the way it merges itself both into the mundanity of the fridge door and into our mind, makes up our calligram. The graphic reflection of the meaning of our words. Throughout this upcoming cycle, we will draw our inspiration from literature,

words, texts, poetry, authors, stories, and narratives. We will play together with our Calligrams. A year dedicated to words, their secrets, and stories.

Our House dedicates the shows to provide a platform to our work, to reflect on our present and our social context. We create Fashion because we strive to share our stance and opinions through our work. Because we want to convey a thought, a dream, or a concern. Our shows are also our Calligram. Movement XIII “Re-Cras“ "RE- Cras” is intended to be a call for attention. A strobe light signalling a loss of purpose and the urgent need to create a refuge to be able to heal and build a new version of tomorrow. A versión different to the one we had previously constructed and believed to be the inevitable end scenario. The hands to hold onto tightly, a safe place, a cocoon. The improvised nest under the bed sheets. The sun that warms the skin, or the dry autumn leaves. The steaming hot breath escaping from the lips to the cold of the city. Refuge is also crying unapologetically, without holding back your tears. A flight. A “goodbye”. A "hello". A wide grin, or the slightest hint of a smile. Movement XIII and this show seek to reflect on the self-inflicted impact of losing our purpose. And the essential need to Re-Purpose. The urgent necessity to find Re-Fuge, where to heal, the wonderful power of Re-Construction of a Re-Tomorrow, a completely new future. Re-Purpose / Re-Fuge / Re-Appropriation / Re-Tomorrow Re-Cras Now, in first person, I want to thank the entire team for making this Movement XIII a reality, for supporting me in my most radical and demanding times, and for pushing me to continuously finetune the details up to the standard of the OTRURA family, making us grow together.

Welcome to our Fall Winter Show 2023_2024, Movement XIII “Re-Cras”

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