Collection lines

OTEYZA presents its latest collection “ZAGAL” S/S 2021.

’ZAGAL’ is an exercise regarding the absorption of matter and form, where its balances have been exploited in order to develop a re-expression of the creation axes.

It is time for truth, honesty, craftsmanship and organicity: OTEYZA sources of creation from its beginnings, in a formulated vision named 'fashion of knowledge'. In it, the shapes are associated through fertile shapes (mixing pure vegetable textures in linen with extra-fine merino wool), as well as in “geometry of life” (rich in spaces and unlimited perspectives).

A one-way ticket to modernity in a setting of codes from tradition to avant-garde, where the true importance is given to the 'process and its vital action'.

OTEYZA is nourished by all its internal discourse, from the poise of its lines to the drive and gravity of its textures and colors, thus making an exercise of continuous progression in the vision of the men’s fashion new paradigm: creating with the hands of tomorrow the drive and modernity of today.

Unstructured jackets with geometric lines, trouser skirts, multi-layered frock coats, hats, shirts with raised collars or pleated trench coats...intersect generating wealth and unity in the discourse.

OTEYZA works space and form in a disjunction of passive and active lines that converge and diverge creating new codes of elegance. It is not about the form, it is about the LIFE that is in it, its process.

As is tradition in the house, cold wool is one of the materials that star in the collection. Extra-thin and unstructured cloths in their patterns, where the craftsman's “savoir faire” still weighs heavily. Varieties such as merino sheep wool –the firm's favorite material– or mohair, are complemented by Irish linens and Egyptian cottons, giving rise to garments with an exquisite fall and full of details in their different layers.

For the next spring-summer, OTEYZA opts for a color palette where its blacks and whites abound as sources of rigor and contrast, as well as toasted yellows, greenish blues, copper and light grays, which give rhythm and rupture to the collection.

OTEYZA continues its collaboration with the Madrid City Council as Madrid Ambassadors of “Madrid Capital de Moda”, in order to internationalize Spanish fashion and Madrid’s image worldwide.

For the realization of this fashion film where the collection is showed, OTEYZA has signed its first collaboration with CINCO JOTAS, the emblematic brand with more than 140 years of experience in the production of the best and most exclusive 100% Iberico Bellota Ham. There are many synergies between both brands, such as the fusion between tradition and modernity, craftsmanship throughout the production process, sustainability and Spanish creativity at the highest level.