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Odette Álvarez

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About Odette Álvarez

The women's ready-to-wear brand Teté by Odette was created in 2009, in Santander, by Odette Álvarez Garzón and its name, Teté, is due to the affectionate nickname with which, since she was a child, her loved ones have referred to the designer. Since she was very young, Odette began to be interested in fashion thanks to the work she saw in her own home, from the hand and needle of her mother and grandmother, who always designed and made her clothes.

The big step towards professionalization came when the self-taught designer noticed that her style fascinated her friends so much that they all insisted on buying and wearing the same clothes she designed and made for herself. It was then that she decided to make her dream come true, a dream that today employs more than 60 people; she produces two collections a year, as well as different capsules and special editions, distributing more than 1,500 pieces a year. Currently, the workshop and headquarters are located in Santander, the city where she lives.

"For me it has meant a lot to start this adventure from scratch and achieve everything I have been getting. I think that's what I'm most proud of, to do what I like and to have my work recognized. It is true that it has taken a lot of effort, but today it is a reality. I thank, of course, my team and all the people who have believed in my project, the fact that Tete by Odette today is a recognized and recognizable brand". Odette Álvarez. Excerpt from the book entitled Cántabras, our legacy. Publisher: Media Luna.

Since 2013, when it presents its first collection entitled Amore, Teté by Odette has developed a total of 21, being Ethnics SS 2020, the first with which the firm joins the official calendar of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, within the off program, with a parade held at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid. In September 2022, the firm presents, also at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid, the Selena Spring 2023 collection.

In February 2021, the designer presents her eponymous brand, Odette Álvarez, as part of the Off calendar of the 73rd edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, with the Odegna AW 2021/22 collection. After ten years in the fashion world as creative director of Teté by Odette, the Cantabrian designer takes another step forward in her professional career with the creation of this new label, conceived as the first line of the brand, which will be custom-made, handcrafted and in limited edition.

In September 2022, the firm presents, also at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid, the Selena Spring 2023 collection.

In March 2021, the brand launches the Teté by Odette Lounge line, a line inspired by the new comfort to wear on the street, composed of sporty garments with the tracksuit as the protagonist.

Collection lines

The silent flight of a butterfly, its hypnotic beauty and the splendid combination of colors composed in its precious wings are the starting point of Titalee O/I 23/24. A collection in which Odette Alvarez, creative director of the brand, presents her emblematic jewel coat garments, which now take on large volumes in sleeves to bundle other inner pieces ultra close to the body, with the legging, with bow topped with strands of pearls in the form of butterfly, the common thread of the whole collection.

Dresses with ruffles on the sleeves of nineteenth-century inspiration and other ultra short printed and decorated with crystal details; perfecto jackets and jumpsuits second skin effect of rhinestones also appear in this proposal entitled Titalee, which means butterfly in hindi, a word that now brings to the present Odette Alvarez for her relationship with this country with which she works in the design and development of exclusive fabrics for a decade. "After several years of waiting, because of the pandemic, I have been able to recover the professional relationship with Indian artisans with whom I had always worked. In this collection, once again, we have rich hand-embroidered fabrics that have always characterized brand," says the designer.

In terms of materials and fabrics, we can highlight those ornamented with lurex and brocades; cloths in vibrant tones; taffetas with geometric prints and abstract flowers; matte and patent quilted fabrics and velvets decorated with micro crystals and pearls. In this collection, true to the brand's aesthetic identity, sequins, bangs and crystals of different sizes predominate. Marmot, lamb and fox eco furs are represented in several of the collection's outerwear pieces.

The color palette flows between ivory and black as the main tones, with fuchsia, electric blue and multicolored prints completing the proposal.

"Butterflies fly freely, cupping their wings during the upward movement and the flutter, like a clap, pushes it forward."

Odette Álvarez

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