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About Mush

MUSH, founded in 2020 by Valeria Muckenschnabl, a designer graduated from the Valencia School of Art and Superior Design.

MUSH uses fashion as a form of expression and communication, exploiting creativity along with personal identity. Its purpose is to dress a user who preserves his inner child mixed with all the darkness that life has left him, making the aesthetics of the brand something beautiful but dark, disturbing, ambiguous.

The brand is called "MUSH" because it is the diminutive of the Austrian designer's surname (Muckenschnabl) from the German language. The name is related to positive and negative experiences of the designer's life, with this it reiterates the concept that she wants to propose.

Líneas de la colección 

"Stateless" is a collection of 18 looks for women that deals with anti-patriotic sentiment.   After emigrating several times to different places, the individual becomes disassociated from an origin, a root, and only a mixture of customs, traditions and lexicons from many places remains.

This is what "Stateless" wants to communicate, the union of resources that can leave different places in the personality and identity of a user and how they can come to feel part of nowhere.

The collection lines play with the concept by referring to the union of nations, the set of elements and their deconstruction. Playing with the meaning it has, the incomplete, the irregular. The presence of elements and resources from the 2000s is clear both in the brand statement and in the collection, with the aim of recalling childhood memories.

The collection uses colors that convey strength, value, energy, sensuality and subtlety to communicate these identity changes. Sustainability is a fundamental value for the brand, the materials are from local stores, deadstock and the use of negative and positive fabric from laser cuts on fabric.  In addition, MUSH seeks to support emerging brands and small businesses such as Secilia Jomonev and Aires 27 collaborating brands for this collection.

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