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Miguel Marinero

Miguel Marinero was born in 1974. After several years working in the leatherwear industry, Miguel launched his first firm. Right from the start he became a proponent of luxury and craftsmanship, innovating and discovering unexplored techniques, changing opinions about this material in the world of fashion.

The legacy was passed on to a second generation. Nicolás and Inés found new challenges for the brand and opened up to the international market, turning MM into a family business, with a solid foundation and a contemporary vision in each collection.

The MM woman is feminine, modern and moves about freely, going from place to place at any time of day at her own pace and flitting in perfectly wherever she is. These creations express feelings, celebrate tradition and endurance with the experience and knowledge of 45 years of history.

The Collection

In this collection, harmony tells an airy, luminous and aquatic story.

The seabed shares its precious elements and offers us a range of fresh, exciting and unbridled colours.

Dehydrated natural materials like washed linen, fluffy textures like tulle, torn nets in luminous lurex and translucent pleats.

Prints have underwater nature themes, creating waves that flow with the movement as alternatives to animal print, some pixelated to reproduce digital distortion.

Colours are the reflection of balance marked by the waves. The powdered pink in a monocoloured key, white to enhance luminosity, blue reveals light, purple tentacles and the green of marine algae.

Black leather still represents the rebellious, punky side of the firm, mixed with pink to give insistent lightness to accessories and key pieces of the collection painted by hand.

Tulle is romantic, embroidered and pleated, mixed with shining palettes like scales, and fringes and volumes generate unexpected tentacles in vaporous dresses. Garments are cut for freedom of movement, cheerful and feminine, adapting to the curves of the body that feel as good as they look.

Fur is used to create recycled garments, mixing remnants the firm creates two pieces with a pattern that recalls the prints taken from the textile. Celebrating the sustainability, balance and harmony of this aquatic tale.

Miguel Marinero at MBFWMadrid

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