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Miguel Marinero

Miguel Marinero was born in 1974. After several years working in the leatherwear industry, Miguel launched his first firm. Right from the start he became a proponent of luxury and craftsmanship, innovating and discovering unexplored techniques, changing opinions about this material in the world of fashion.

The legacy was passed on to a second generation. Nicolás and Inés found new challenges for the brand and opened up to the international market, turning MM into a family business, with a solid foundation and a contemporary vision in each collection.

The MM woman is feminine, modern and moves about freely, going from place to place at any time of day at her own pace and flitting in perfectly wherever she is. These creations express feelings, celebrate tradition and endurance with the experience and knowledge of 45 years of history.

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The starting point is the belief that tomorrow is genuine, we believe in an authentic and vernacular future. Originality and honesty are the characteristics of this collection that pays homage to materials, finishes and the wisdom of traditional clothing.

Miguel Marinero recovers popular techniques and the excellent work of local artisans, relying on decoration to achieve an eccentric irony between shapes and materials. 

Wet, lacquered and slightly iridescent finishes such as lurex, contrasted with the compressed and cosy solidity of coarse, thick wool. Delicate ultra-light fabrics with unfamiliar star dust pigments for evening dresses. Patterns that represent the warmth of traditional tapestries and cuts that exalt materials with simple shapes, but full of feeling.

A current and future materiality that sometimes seems at odds but that is reconciled in the harmony of the colours. Blues, mustard, black, grey and toasted shades.

To project the future it is essential to look to the past, go hand in hand and reinterpret it.

Miguel Marinero at MBFWMadrid

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