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María Lafuente

She is designer and multidisciplinary creative with formation in art besides fashion.
Solidary Artist, seriously committed to sustainability, geared to change and innovate trough continuous search for original, ecological and alternative solutions.

It's been more than ten years since his creative proposals are presented in various parts of the world, they are widely recognized for pursuing sustainability in their creations and thus merge in a totally ecological way, architecture, art, culture, nature and music giving life to new worlds of materials, forms and concepts.

The fact of traveling around the world has further inspired his way of exploring new horizons and his purpose of contributing to a better world through his art.
Indefatigable and optimistic at the same time, she is a tireless and innovative artist, she lives in continuous creative process and sustain the importance of creating strategic alliances to generate powerful synergies that are economically productive and also focused to apport authentic values to the society.

Her pioneer contribution to fashion has been recognized in different fashion shows and exhibitions in Spain, Europe, Asia and America.

She has been the first spanish fashion designer to expose her work and give a speech at the UNO headquaerter in New York at the high level political forum about sustainable development.
She is part of the de Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid since el 2006.

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