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María Lafuente

MARÍA LAFUENTE sees art, culture, innovation, traditions, poetry, nature and music as intense expressions of the soul that she fuses to reclaim an engaged lifestyle. Each creation is born of a dialogue between the individual and the universal, expressing her passion to bring out the best in us, inspiring us to make small, wise decisions to make long-lasting changes. María Lafuente is a global benchmark in sustainable fashion. Her collections are the result of a dialogue with nature and innovate while protecting the environment. They highlight a pressing need to create, produce and consume in a conscious, responsible way. She has received awards all over the world and was the first designer to speak and show her work at the International Forum of the highest level in the United Nations (FPAN), with the first PEFC-certified collection of sustainable fabrics. This is the origin of her collaboration with the "Lal la buya” association. A project to offer women a decent life. A non-profit association whose members are women at risk of marginalisation, with difficulties in accessing the job market. María Lafuente has humanistic values etched into her DNA, which shine through in her latest collections: Fah-Pratan collection A/W 20 showcases handmade Thai silk, Xalda sheep wool felt and PEFC certificates. All this while empowering rural women. This collection is also pioneering in its inclusion of a Danza Down show by Elías Lafuente’s company. Driad collection S/S 19 forest protection, which raises awareness of social integration and supports transgender women.

• Sorority collection A/W 19 fellowship among women.

 The latest alchemy collection features the persilk innovation through the AEG Innovation School in San Sebastián and a collaboration with the Association for the reintegration and care of prostituted women (APRAMP)

 She has been a regular at Fashion Week Madrid since 2006, and other fashion weeks in more than 20 countries. She also has proven experience in creating corporate identities, such as the Spanish Olympic Committee and Paradores de España among others. She creates costumes for series, films, television and musicals. She has been nominated at the Oscars as Director of Costumes for the movie Paranoid Girls, directed by Pedro del Santo. She is currently overseeing the costumes for an educational scientific series called Gravity Territory directed by Nacho Chueca. She is also working on innovation projects for sport and several charity projects undertaking different actions, including: Foundation Woman’s Week and MADWOMAN as a member of the committee of both foundations, AACC, Red Cross, Alzheimer, Harambee, Down Syndrome, Autism, Baas greyhound, smilesKCNQ2, Help for the Saharawi people, Female victims of gender violence, rare diseases (San Filippo), RFSS (Royal Federation of Rescue and Lifeguards), Sandra Ibarra Foundation, CÁRITAS, San Vicente de Paul Foundation (against female genital mutilation). María Lafuente is a pioneering designer: •The first women’s collection made with textiles made with recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. •The first potato starch dress. •The first carbon fibre dress. •The first dress and accessories made with sugar cane honey. •The first collection streamed live in collaboration with Google Glass, always innovating. •The first PEFC-certified collection with Textil Santanderina. •The first sustainable wool collection to preserve herd transhumance. •The first glass dress made at the Real Fábrica de Cristal de la Granja Segovia glassworks. •The first urban catwalk show with Código Rojo 149 to draw attention to endangered species in Huelva, whose image is a lynx. •The first advertisement for National Geographic in collaboration with SIGNUS using recycled tyres.

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