Marcos Luengo
Fall/Winter 24/25

Marcos Luengo

Marcos Luengo at MBFWMadrid

About Marcos Luengo

Marcos Luengo was born in Grado (Asturias), Spain, in 1964. He has a degree in psychology from the University of Oviedo and he is an English professor with a degree from the University of Cambridge. He stars his own teaching business until he decides to pursue his great passion: art and design. As a creative and being an entrepreneur, he presents his first collection of handbags in 2001, shortly afterwards he incorporates a line of double-face nappa garments and markets it through multibrand stores, the best in all of Spain and Portugal. This led him to his own space in Oviedo in 2007, and expand his range of products and lines, designing tailormade bridal and cocktail garments exclusively for his clients. He currently presents his Pret-A-Porter collections at Madrid Fashion Week since Fall / Winter 2014, having presented around 13 collections to date. The firm has two multifunctional spaces, which integrate their store, workshop, and studio for private appointments; one located in Madrid at Calle Jorge Juan,16- 1 Izda, and the second in Oviedo at Calle Asturias, 4.

Collection lines

Marcos Luengo presents his collection "Ex Machina" which takes its name from the latest project of the audiovisual artist Iván Puñal who, through the use of different AI tools, creates images, sounds and visuals; elements that in turn serve as the basis for the creation of patterns of prints and designs that Luengo develops in his new collection.

The prints are made on different fabrics such as crepe, satin and silk velvet, as well as paillettes. She complements her discourse with varied textures of silk and wool in plain colours.

Geometric cut patterns highlighting the importance of sleeves and necklines.

Intense and vibrant colours, a work that is equal parts luminous and dark where the limits of art are diluted and allow us to enter new territories that are both exciting and dystopian at the same time.

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