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Lola Casademunt by Maite

LOLA CASADEMUNT, - leader company in design, manufacture and marketing of clothing and accessories for women, - was born 40 years ago by Mrs. Lola Casademunt. In 1981, the founder began creating handmade bows, tiaras, and other hair accessories, with a very personal style, in the basement of her house in Cardedeu (Barcelona). With her illusion and ambition for work, she managed to sell her pieces in nearby stores. In a short period of time and in less than two years, her taste for the details, her craftsmanship and her use of high-quality materials made LOLA CASADEMUNT become a national reference in hair accessories.

After a while, Maite Casademunt, Mrs. Lola's daughter, joined her team when she just finished her Design studies.

Soon, her incorporation made an important change for the company, enriching it with the creation of a fashion line. Her nonconformist and entrepreneurial spirit along with her creativity and passion for dressing women with a personal view, positioned Lola Casademunt as a leader in the fashion industry in Spain.

Since 2018, Maite Casademunt has led the company as its president and creative director. This generational change has built an experience of a 40-year heritage, along with the enthusiasm, freshness, and the most personal vision of Maite.


LOLA CASADEMUNT is a pioneering fashion company that has the eponymous clothing and accessories line "LOLA CASADEMUNT" and a premium line, "MAITE". Both lines are renewed each season offering a total of four collections per year, following the trends set by the market, but always reinvented with the brand's unique stamp.

Collection lines

Un jardin fleuri

The geometric, vegetal and colorful aesthetic that inspired the gardens of Versailles, as inspiration for the LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE collection for the next spring-summer 2022. The influence of the Renaissance gardens is evident in this proposal in which volumes, shapes and textures are combined, and evoke that golden age in which nature prevails. A natural environment that predominates through patterns and shades that infuse the garments with freshness and color.

The total look with personalized printing, as an identifying icon of the brand, in fluid models and pajamas. Viscose chiffons give airiness to hyper feminine dresses, while technical mesh fabrics and eco-leather are the must of the collection. All this with extra-long, spacious and comfortable volumes, in a palette of bright and vivid colors - typical of flowers and gardens - to complete a daring, natural and energetic collection.

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