Karont in MBFWM

Collection lines

Karont presents his third collection, called TRECE where we explore through the reflections of the blood alchemist ;

"One is everything and everything is one, you are alive because you eat life. Everything is connected
Everything is in the midst of an invisible and unfathomable flow.
I don't know what to call it, the world or the universe or whatever.

Next to that huge thing you and I are like ants. A small part of that flow. Nothing but a part of the whole.
But putting all the ones together.
That is what makes the whole exist.

The flow of this world follows laws so great that we can't even imagine them. Study the flow, break it down and rebuild it.
That is alchemy and life".

This new collection we propose, Thirteen, is inspired by the spirituality of the experiences and teachings of life itself.

In the third collection we want to show you our perfect version of the combination of art, fashion and graphics.

As a company we do not leave reality aside, we always dream with our feet on the ground and although we believe and have as a claim "everything is permitted" we know that for our growth, we need to sell our product, and create an ever larger and stronger community. That is why we present a series of 15 looks for this third stage of Karont.

In these new garments we wanted to be more versatile and work different styles, covering different unisex visions thanks to the good study of pattern making and silhouettes, an excellent and increasingly extensive research in screen printing techniques, embroidery and sublimation to reflect in the best way the graphic work behind and to be able to reflect it in a good selection of quality fabrics.

Our aim is to be present in the wardrobes of all those people who feel identified in some way with our community and to generate a good archive of iconic pieces, for all those who decide to support our movement and obviously be part of it.