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Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal was born in Elda (Alicante) to a family rooted in fashion. A fourth generation tailor, he started his art training at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, before studying fashion at the Felicidad Duce Fashion School.

While he was still studying, he won the ModaFad award and since then he has participated in multiple national and international fashion shows. In 2012 he professionalised his brand, marketing his designs abroad at retailers like Spiga 2, Luisa Via Roma and Harvey Nichols. Over the years, Juan Vidal has received numerous awards for his work, such as the ‘Who’s On Next’ award from Vogue magazine, the Telva prize to the best national designer, the National Fashion Award from the Ministry of Industry, and recently, the Fashion Award from the Community of Madrid.

Juan Vidal currently combines his work as creative director of the firm that bears his name with teaching at the University Politécnica de Madrid.

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This collection invites you to discover delicacy, sweetness, softness, memory, childhood, nostalgia and other symbolic elements related to feminity as invisible double-sided weapons capable of caressing, but also capable of tearing.


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