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Jorge Vázquez's new collection takes a tour of the Spain of the 70's and stops at the nights of the Chicote Museum, those eternal nights in which appearances and glamor had a place to sit at the bar, where classic Hollywood myths they alternated with the crème de la crème patria; bullfighters, aristocrats, writers, artists... All of them went to Museo Chicote not only because of what they drank, but also because of how it made them feel.

During the 70's, a Spain influenced by art and New York pop culture goes haywire. The Gran Vía made its way to reach what for decades was the official meeting place for the stars of golden Hollywood and celebrities. The essence that enveloped all of them in their crazy nights is explored to remember at the Chicote Museum.

This is the universe that Jorge Vázquez's autumn-winter 2022/2023 collection recreates; light, color, movement, myths... figures from the past in an updated context. A strong, groundbreaking, modern woman, but without giving up that inspiring classic style. The next autumn-winter of Jorge Vázquez is an ode to the purest national style, to freedom, to traditions, to craftsmanship, to mastery of technique, to the selection of fabrics and colors and to living garments.

The collection materializes through fluid, vaporous, light silhouettes; it is committed to drapes, garments that are collected marking the waist, but with touches of volume. Strong tones are protagonists: oranges, fuchsias, purples and lime greens, which break with the black and white of the time. As well as the prints, floral -a house classic-, hearts and the characteristic paisley with certain hippie reminiscences. True to her style, Vázquez enriches her designs with crystal and silk flowers, jeweled bows, feathers and touches of fur on the cuffs that are adorned with fox. A song to sophistication.

As far as fabrics are concerned, there are velvets, tweed, printed muslin, sequins, lace and silk. Special mention goes to Peruvian alpaca wool which, thanks to the collaboration with Promperú, is used to make outerwear and knitwear with a 70's aesthetic and ethnic touches. Alpaca wool is a luxury fiber with a millenary tradition in the Peruvian textile industry, it is a sustainable material that conforms to good practices of fair trade and eco-efficiency. A real luxury for the senses that the Galician creator discovered on his last trip to Arequipa, at the end of last year, where he learned about the work of the main producers of this fabric.

In collaboration with accessories designer Anna Cortina, Vázquez presents a collection of hand-painted bags. It is a unique proposal, full of color, style and strength. Anna Cortina #ArtMeetsFashion impregnates Jorge Vázquez with her universe full of metaphors and imagination, making each bag a unique story. For the occasion, it has been inspired by the designer's prints that shape 11 iconic pieces. Anna Cortina's bags sophisticated the looks of Vázquez women who do not give up quality accessories: shopping bags, totes and sophisticated clutches are made of premium cowhide where the emblematic Anna Cortina screw stands out in some of its pieces.

To complete his proposals, Jorge Vázquez has created a footwear line for next autumn-winter that includes stilettos decorated with crystal chatons and high patent leather boots with stiletto heels in shades of red, purple and orange.

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