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Hannibal Laguna

Half Valencian, half Andalusian, he was born in Caracas. The man behind Hannibal Laguna grew up watching his parents at work on one of the 1970s’ most outstanding children’s fashion brands. At the age of 15, he moved to Europe and studied tailoring in Milan, specialising in volumetric construction and the technique of pattern-making on mannequins.

In 1987, his first “Concorde” collection received the Air France award and he was selected by Paco Rabanne to represent Spain at the international “Europe in USA” show.

Hannibal Laguna, the firm, was formed in 1988, coinciding with the presentation of the first show at the legendary Colony Theater in Miami and an exhibition of his collection at the Miami Convention Center. Critical and media acclaim prompted the then-small family business to move into global distribution and the opening of a new atelier for the brand. Soon afterwards, the firm began experimenting with creating exclusive designs for clients, and boutiques started ordering pieces from the private collections. This is when they decided to fuse prêt-à-porter with exclusive designs, thus creating the iconic couture collections.

During the 1990s, the brand discovered the magic of dressing brides and the firm's signature bodices became a milestone. It was one of the first firms to present a monographic bridal collection on the Gaudí catwalk.

In 2017, Hannibal Laguna celebrated its 30th anniversary and in 2019, the firm opened a new premises at C/Zorrilla 25, in the centre of the Golden Mile of Art in Madrid.

It is a proponent of timeless beauty and elegance. The magical style of these signature designs comes to life in unmistakable feminine silhouettes and delicate strokes. These are the captivating hallmarks that define it as a favourite Spanish fashion firm and with significant international exposure.

Collection lines

“Everything starts with a blurry image that appears in my mind. Something very similar to an immense nebula that, when seen on the horizon, spins round and round like an intermittent whirlwind that shines and fades with every turn. This image can haunt me for weeks, even months, but little by little and as it gets closer, it slows down, becomes sharper and then, as if by magic, stops and begins to show its colours, textures and shapes; sometimes I even get to inhale its aroma. This is how PHANTASIZE was born”, explains the creator.

A collection that begins with a mosaic of abstract prints of oversized motifs, spilled on to fine satin stripes, with bold combinations of colours, including Matisse blue, absinthe green and yellow ochre. All painted, centimetre by centimetre, on organza, silk gauze and plumeti muslin.

Dreamy dresses with plunging necklines, invisible backs, stunning sleeves and luxurious polychrome highlights. Some of the most extraordinary details are born from minute embroidered lattices with tiny polished glass tubes, upon which floral motifs of a deep and intense black velvet rest. Pieces imbued with fantasy and covered with seemingly capricious reliefs, adorned with frayed flowers and petals that reveal the intended transparencies.

A collection that passionately brings back the company's different symbols, in an environment wrapped in timelessness, where the draped and pleated, the iconic bustiers and the precise bias cut take centre stage to emphasise the essence of the legendary and sophisticated femininity that defines the Laguna woman.

The shoes and bags are part of the HANNIBAL LAGUNA SHOES line, in which the vertiginous suede sandals with asymmetric crosses and metallic heels and the luxurious high-heeled ankle boots with crystal reliefs stand out.

The ability to create, visualise and display images in the designer's mind is part of the ability to fantasize. A wonderful imaginative experience that precedes every creative process. This is PHANTASIZE.


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