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Hannibal Laguna

Half Valencian, half Andalusian, he was born in Caracas. The man behind Hannibal Laguna grew up watching his parents at work on one of the 1970s most outstanding children’s fashion brands. At the age of 15, he moved to Europe and studied tailoring in Milan, specialising in volumetric construction and the technique of pattern-making on mannequins.

In 1987, his first “Concorde” collection received the Air France award and he was selected by Paco Rabanne to represent Spain at the international “Europe in USA” show.

Hannibal Laguna, the firm, was formed in 1988, coinciding with the presentation of the first show at the legendary Colony Theater in Miami and an exhibition of his collection at the Miami Convention Center. Critical and media acclaim prompted the then-small family business to move into global distribution and the opening of a new atelier for the brand. Soon afterwards, the firm began experimenting with creating exclusive designs for clients, and boutiques started ordering pieces from the private collections. This is when they decided to fuse prêt-à-porter with exclusive designs, thus creating the iconic couture collections.

During the 1990s, the brand discovered the magic of dressing brides and the firm's signature bodices became a milestone. It was one of the first firms to present a monographic bridal collection on the Gaudí catwalk.

In 2017, Hannibal Laguna celebrated its 30th anniversary and in 2019, the firm opened its new Boutique at 25 Zorrilla Street, in the centre of the Golden Mile of Art in Madrid.

It is a proponent of timeless beauty and elegance. The magical style of these signature designs comes to life in unmistakable feminine silhouettes and delicate strokes. These are the captivating hallmarks that define it as a favourite Spanish fashion firm and with significant international exposure.

Collection lines

For the first time, the Hannibal Laguna firm presents its Atelier Collection on the runway. A collection present in prestigious boutiques around the world for more than five years, which counts with unique designs inspired by the Couture collections of the fashion house.

Every season, after the end of the Couture fashion shows, the meticulous interpretation of the most desired couture dresses begins. A journey of hard work focused on creating new proposals that preserve the sensory perception of the original concept and, also, respond to the needs of future customers. In order to do this, the aesthetic codes are translated, the patterns edited and dressing techniques applied in order to achieve a balanced and attractive result, true to its origin.

The Atelier Collection has become that succession of elegant proposals destined to dress contemporary and real women who pass through the equator of life. Women with that young spirit that combines the serenity of experience and that timeless sophisticated classic beauty.

MOMS is the title of this collection that pays a special tribute to our mothers with designs created exclusively for them. During these atypical and baffling months they have always given us a smile while containing fear and have guided us with their instincts towards a kinder version of the hurtful reality. These have been unprecedented times when even being close we have never been so far, and where "hugging" is still a verb that we cannot conjugate. From her hand we have grown stronger and learned to hold our breath, inhale emotions and exhale patience. They are the inspiration of our thoughts and have become the main characters of our dreams, those who speak of reunions and postponed illusions.

“This time, I don't want to only talk about the importance of silhouettes, textures or colors. I want to embark on a journey of yearnings and sensations and reveal on the catwalk a proposal that arises from the firm's constant relationship with its most "dear" clients", says the creator.

This new awakening inspires the creative director to pay tribute to all the mothers who, for decades, have been lovers of the unique style of the fashion house, women who already in 1987 began to wear the majestic wedding dresses of the firm and who, year after year, have continued choosing the brand in their most important events, choosing personalized and made-to-measure designs to celebrate special moments like their children's weddings, or even repeat their own weddings when they reach dizzyingly romantic figures.

Being part of the history of a woman's life through a dress is a privilege that very few fashion houses can tell. A love story which wraps between silks and crystals this bright brushstroke for the spring and summer of 2021.

“Each piece is inspired by women who are part of our history, such as our mothers. Contemporary women who treasure a young spirit. MOMS is a collection created especially for them with the intention of turning each dress into a key to open the box of illusions, one that allows us to dream again of special, unique and ephemeral moments that will soon become protagonists of unforgettable and everlasting memories”, reveals the designer.

Light textures such as silk muslin and triple crepe embrace the female silhouette, creating delicate pleats and elaborated drapings that accentuate the asymmetrical contours of the skirts and bodies of the dresses. The floral motifs born from the waist of the designs as sumptuously embroidered vines over nude color backgrounds with braided silk threads and crystal details. Influenced by intense optimism, the color palette vibrates in mineral tones like sapphire blue, ruby, and turquoise, fused with jade green and amethyst.

For the accessories, the firm has collaborated with the artist Manuel Camejo, who has created a delirious mirage of crystal waterfalls, result of the whims of fate.

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