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Fall/Winter 24/25

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About Hannibal Laguna

Half Valencian and half Andalusian, the founder of Hannibal Laguna was born in Caracas and grew up with his sister observing the work of his parents in one of the most prominent children's fashion brands of the 70s. At the age of 15, he moved to Europe and studied tailoring in Milan, specializing in volumetric construction and the technique of modeling on mannequins.

The firm HANNIBAL LAGUNA was born in 1987 as a new fashion flagship within a small family textile company with artisan vocation. His first collection "Concorde" was awarded the Air France prize and selected by Paco Rabanne to represent Spain in the United States in the international show "Europe in USA".

In 1988, the firm presented its first fashion show with great success at the legendary Colony Theater in Miami, receiving the applause of the public and the recognition of the specialized press. After the incorporation of Isabel Angulo, co-founder of the firm, as director of the brand, came the tailor-made Couture Ateliers, the international fashion shows and the expansion of other creative lines. For more than three decades, they have developed signature fashion collections and limited edition accessories faithful to their origin and the romantic, feminine and sophisticated style that defines them. They defend the artisanal excellence of the high crafts and the creation of garments that last over time, actively contributing to the awareness of sustainability.

In the 90's, the brand discovers the magic of dressing a bride and the iconic bodices of the firm become a milestone. Being a pioneer in presenting monographic collections exclusively dedicated to brides.

With the new century, the firm inaugurates its Flagship Atelier in the "Golden Mile" of Madrid and its Couture collections travel to major cities around the world: Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Athens, Lisbon, Kuwait, Brussels, Miami, Las Vegas, or St. Petersburg. They have also paraded in the Gaudí Catwalk, the Universal Exposition Lisbon 98, Athens L'Oréal Mundiale 99, Miami Fashion Week, VFW, Dominican Fashion Week, BFW Barcelona and MBFW-Santo Domingo among others.

His designs have been present in countless exhibitions, from "Tras El Espejo" in the Reina Sofia Museum to the Ethnographic Museum of St. Petersburg, through the IVAM, the Museo del Traje, San Pío V, La Casa de La Obra Pía in Havana, the Museum of Zaragoza, the Cerralbo Museum, the Spanish Embassies in Paris and Lisbon or the exhibition "Veinte trajes para Europa" organized by the Cervantes Institute, exhibited in Brussels, Madrid, Moscow and Budapest.

The firm Hannibal Laguna and its creative director have received various awards and tributes, such as the Air France national fashion award, the "Los Importantes del Diario Información" or the "Estrella Intercoiffure". In 2010 the founder was awarded with the "T DE TELVA" award. In 2016 with the "FIBES SEVILLA" award. In 2017 they were awarded the prize of the European Institute of Design "IED DESIGN AWARDS". In 2018 they received the award of the 10 LIFESTYLE LA RAZÓN awards, among others.

Currently the firm Hannibal Laguna has one of its Atelier in the Golden Mile of Art in Madrid, where celebrities from around the world come to dress in the most outstanding events and red carpets.

Defender of beauty and classic elegance. The magic of her style is perceived through her unmistakable glamorous, feminine and sophisticated silhouettes. These are the captivating signs of identity that define one of the most valued Spanish designer fashion brands with the greatest international projection.

Collection lines

"The enigmatic glow of the moon captivates my mind, night after night, with its ephemeral silvery light," says the creative director. 

MOONGLOW is a collection inspired by the mysterious celestial phenomenon of that bewitching opaque satellite that envelops us with its glow and refers us, constantly, to our connection with the universe. The moon is a symbol of change and renewal that, like fashion, reminds us that everything in life is cyclical, with moments of introspection and growth or of renewal and splendor. That lunar, magnetic and ancestral magic has guided the designer to create new textures, volumes and color combinations.

A succession of pieces designed to dazzle, through a series of bodies with exquisite embroidery, sumptuous pleats and flowing dresses that melt on the skin with the serene sensuality that characterizes the firm.

The collection utilizes extraordinary silk jacquards espirals, pleated organzas, reflective filaments, delicate muslins, polished satins and glazed ornaments that catch the light and reflect the beauty of majestic evening pieces with a contemporary attitude.

While the tube silhouette dresses are covered with inlays and shells of pleated ruffles, the chiffon and satin dresses float, fitting the torso with asymmetrical draping of Hellenic inspiration, falsely simple, seemingly complex, but always subtle and rich in contrasts.

The chromatic palette moves between silver tones, bluish blacks and mineral colors such as jade, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, quartz and emerald.

A feminine and sophisticated proposal created to last over time and merge the craftsmanship of fashion made in Spain with the values of the house.

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