Goodption in MBFWM

Collection lines

LEGACY conveys the future of our planet in the mind of J.C.Doggio, where his dystopian vision of the future comes very close to a possible reality.

The young people of tomorrow live in an increasingly uninhabitable world, inherited from the persistent actions of their ancestors.

A broken system and the arid climates are responsible for young people have no access to fashion and they are forced to develop their creativity and ingenuity to dress themselves, because yes, the taste for fashion has not disappeared but ready-to-wear is history. Existing garments are adapted to give rise to new concepts, composing the different sizes without wasting fabric, creating wrinkles and sewing external darts that fit the fabrics to the body.

Such is the new society, pure survival but maintaining the essence of the human being to differentiate.

Blurring lines, fading silhouettes, irregular seams...

The moulage technique to create asymmetrical shapes that convey the abrupt concept that LEGACY represents. A mixture of sober fabrics and acid colours, drawing contrasts and looking for the weave that stages the leitmotiv of the collection. Plastic resources will dominate our nature because, if we abandon them in seas, rivers and oceans they will last centuries, if we take care of them... they will be eternal. As a central core, we get rid of materials to focus on the pure, on the scarce, on the aspirational...