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Manuel García (Villacarrilo, Jaén, 1970).

Founding partner and Creative Director of GARCIA MADRID.

Begins his career in fashion by opening one of the first multi-brand stores in Fuencarral street area. In 2006, he decided to create GARCIA MADRID brand and open his first space of his own in Malasaña neighborhood. At present, he has two monobrand establishments in the center of the capital and also an online store from where he distributes his collection to all over Spain and countries of the European Union.
Since then, Manuel García develops GARCIA MADRID as a young and independent house, specialized in contemporary tailoring. Working in continuous evolution with ideals and values that underline its unique and recognizable personality: creativity, social and environmental responsibility, commitment to quality, and extra care in the details and excellence. Everything to make life easier for its clients and to continue offering new aesthetic references through its two annual collections and numerous collaborations.
In addition, Mister García collaborates with numerous organizations as an advisor and giving lectures and classes such as the Master in Fashion at the Camilo José Cela University, INCUAL, The Private University of Chile, University of Jaén, Vogue Spain Master in Communication, Emprende Moda or actively participating in ModADN Jaén, supporting fashion in his homeland.

Collection lines

You are born where you are born and you are born again when you arrive in Madrid. 
One arrives with the intention of eating the world and discovers that there are many worlds, that there are nights when you don't eat dinner, or that you eat dinner late, that you don't sleep and that the siesta is sacred. That people talk a lot and very loudly, that they dress differently, that they always carry a bag, that every night there is a party. That lighters and umbrellas belong to everyone, that Madrid is very dry, that the water is very rich, that there are people who seem to be always angry and other people become friends forever.

Then you fall in love and that everything changes again. And when one is already acclimatized to the noise, the crowd, the mountain cold or the Saharan summers, one goes to London. To Barcelona. To Paris. Or to Tokyo. And one discovers that there are many more worlds in this world, that there are many ways to succeed. But one always ends up returning to Madrid. To El Retiro, Gran Vía, to the Pride, El Prado, El Rastro, with your chosen family.

Manuel García, creative director of GARCIA MADRID, returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid to represent the idea of birth 
in a careful collection in which he combines contemporary tailoring with nods to childhood.

Top quality fabrics such as cashmere wool, kid mohair, silk and premium cotton in autumn tones, earths, greens, purples, softened warm colors and overlays of the same color in different tones. Combinations of an organic, uncomplicated elegance, in which new creations coexist with archive garments from the firm, because style never gets old-fashioned. A personal and own style in a collection designed for everyone. A whole new world. Let's discover it.

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