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About Fely Campo

Fely Campo was born in Salamanca in 1959. This nascent fashion sense was realised when at 13, with a needle and thimble, she began to learn her trade. She started creating her own dresses and discovered, with fashion, how she could overcome her shyness.

At 15, self-taught and with her first sewing machine, she established a group of followers who wore unique Fely Campo designs, creating a foundation from which she could build. Her desire to keep learning her trade led her to undertaking a course in modelling, industrial patterning, and styling.

Fely Campo, the fashion design company, was founded in 1997 in Salamanca and in 2003 began its international expansion, specializing in occasion wear and bridal collections. For more than 40 years, Fely Campo has been dedicated to dressing women from all over the world, applying the study of tailored clothing to the body and becoming a benchmark in the sector, both inside and outside Spain.

Salamanca, Fely´s home city, is the base from which the fashion design company has expanded from the iconic boutique located in the city centre and the edge of town Atelier, to nearly 200 points of sale nationally and internationally.  Based in the Atelier is the exclusive Bridal Atelier. In 2018, the Salamanca Boutique gained a sister with the opening of a Fely Campo Boutique in Oviedo. In the same year Fely Campo became part of ACME - the Association of Spanish Fashion Creators – and was a finalist for the National Fashion Awards.

Fely Campo has a team of 13 workers based in Salamanca. There are also 22 women seamstresses from various villages in Castille and Leon. In addition, the brand presents its collections in showrooms in Italy (Milan) and the United Kingdom (London). It should also be noted that Fely Campo has additionally participated in prestigious national and international fairs. In addition, Fely Campo has collaborated with different artists and projects.

For Fely Campo, women and their evolution are the inspiration guides when creating her collections, rooted in the belief that fashion is a daily challenge that consists of bringing beauty and confidence to real women, with very feminine, timeless and exclusive pieces. Fely Campo has been able to create her own universe marked by an elegant, sober style and excellent pattern design.

Collection lines

Tempore Fall/Winter 23/24

Morning, afternoon and night. The three moments, the three rhythms, the three emotions, of any given day.

Tempore explores the fascination I feel for the everyday images that pass through the life of women. With this collection I am interested in reflecting the sensorial aspects of the act of dressing daily: what you wear changes the way you feel.

A collection of 25 looks, which in its staging acquires the three-line poetic structure of a Korean Sijô. Through three times, three phrases, three compositions in continuous movement: to create a narrative about the day that impacts instantly.

The first; a subtle sketch of the morning, the yellow dawn sun giving the first silhouettes of the day with fabrics as essential as cloth or tweed, which gradually colour warm towards midday.

The second; the afternoon where magenta and garnet tones create vibrant patterns, the designs acquire volumes that contrast with more tailored pieces, the day flows to observe, admire and feel the different touches such as tweed, wool, satins, taffeta, chiffon...

Third; a twinkle in the coming darkness, a melody of emotions running through the female wardrobe, a turn towards the absolute contrasts that come with the night, volumes dramatized.

A sensual collection for a woman who seduces the day. A woman who believes in designer fashion. A woman who wants versatility in how she dresses. A woman who understands fashion as a form of self-expression.

Tempore was born as three moments, three sets of seductive images, three ways of understanding beauty that appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, creating fashion into each moment.

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