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Fall/Winter 24/25

Fely Campo

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About Fely Campo

Fely Campo was born in Salamanca in 1959. It was at the age of 13 that she picked up a needle and a thimble for the first time, realizing that with fashion she was able to overcome her shyness. At 15, she begins to develop a group of followers to dress with her designs. Passionate and self-taught, she begins to market her designs specialising in modelling, industrial pattern making and styling.

In 1997 the fashion firm Fely Campo was born in Salamanca and in 2003 it began its international expansion, specializing in evening and bridal collections. For more than 40 years, Fely Campo has dedicated itself to dressing women from all over the world, applying the study of tailor-made dresses to the body and becoming a benchmark in the sector, inside and outside our borders. In 2018 she began to be part of ACME and in which she managed to be a finalist for the National Fashion Awards.

Since its foundation and maintaining the operational heart in her hometown, the firm has come to have almost 200 points of sale nationally and internationally. The Atelier in Salamanca is the firm's production and design centre. Based there is a space for the Atelier Novias, and her two shops: in Salamanca and Oviedo, form her network, to which, this year, has been added the newly opened Atelier Showroom in Madrid, at Calle Jorge Juan 29.

She has been participating in the most prestigious fairs for years, as well as presenting her collections in showrooms in Milan and London. Fely Campo has collaborated with different artists and projects.

Fely Campo ensures that women and their evolution are the guides for inspiration when creating her collections and believes that fashion is a daily challenge that consists of providing beauty and confidence to real women. Thanks to very feminine, timeless and exclusive pieces, Fely Campo has managed to create her own universe marked by an elegant, sober style and excellent pattern design.

Collection lines

"A decision of my mother's, she put me for the first time before a needle and a thimble,

Without knowing it, that day my life began to take shape.

And with it, this collection."

The Way Here, the path to this point, is the title of Fely Campo's most personal collection, linked to the emotion and thought resulting from the 50 years she has dedicated herself to this profession. In short, her love of fashion.

A love and a path that is realised in this luxury ready-to-wear collection. A creative journey inward, which rises from the shades of its favoured colour, black: jet, graphite, anthracite, smoke, ebony, to be enveloped by the vivid brilliance of the tones of fire and cauldron, which are flooded with freshness with the different shades of green. The luminosity of silver and gold together with cream give a touch of maturity and sobriety to the color palette of this collection.

A journey through a variety of fabrics: the warm cloths, the daring lamés, the essential taffetas, the magical brocades and the innovative organzas, fuse the earthly passion with the most experimental of her career.

The Way Here shows, in its staging, personal, delicate, energetic,... A new perspective, a time tunnel in which her passion is palpable, to be able to imagine feeling the touch of the fabric.

25 looks that have journeyed to be born after 50 years: a journey that blossoms through simpler lines, with the delicacy of love that flowers with the unstoppable passion that pushes creativity; A love that advances and hypnotizes through silhouettes that become more sophisticated with each look. Showing the designer's profound view of the knowledge of the trade, where the pattern takes on a vital importance.

In the words of Fely Campo, " The Way Here is the celebration, growth and creative drive of 50 years dedicated to the search for beauty through fabric, pattern, my most precious asset. In short, my life."

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