Félix Ramiro
Fall/Winter 24/25

Félix Ramiro

Félix Ramiro at MBFWMadrid

About Félix Ramiro

Félix Ramiro designer, is the firm’s essence. After more than 30 years of solid experience, he is considered one of the main references in men's fashion. However, his steps start from a humble and passionate start, always linked to the of design and fashion world. Since in the eighties, Félix Ramiro began to discover his vocation as a tailor in the small tailoring workshop of his uncle Dionísio Rodríguez.

Having learned the profession, with completed studies in Madrid, and the 2nd National Prize as a designer, Felix Ramiro began the adventure in men's fashion. Since 1988, Félix Ramiro designs and manufactures his suits and accessories, becoming a style reference and favoring its expansion.

Since 2004, Felix Ramiro has been expanding its points of sale, including points of sale internationally.

Collection lines

The "SALVAJE" Collection is inspired by an Argentine actor. "SALVAJE" is a look, "SALVAJE" is an expression, "SALVAJE" is a movement, "SALVAJE" is a mix of tenderness, strength, elegance and an escape into a world where there is room for all trends, all colors, all looks and where there is no clock, no days, no weeks... Only imagination and letting our animal instinct lead us.

Strategic cuts and pleats create a balance between form and function.

The innovation in "SALVAJE" is in every detail. From the use of sustainable materials to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, this collection delves into new territories in men's fashion. Each garment is a style statement and a testament to the constant evolution of fashion.

In short, " SALVAJE " is a men's fashion collection that embraces nature, creativity, architecture and innovation. With bold patterns, striking overlays and a step forward from designer Felix Ramiro, who, with more than 35 years on the catwalk, breaks with convention in this collection.

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