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Félix Ramiro

Félix Ramiro designer, is the firm’s essence. After more than 30 years of solid experience, he is considered one of the main references in men's fashion. However, his steps start from a humble and passionate start, always linked to the of design and fashion world. Since in the eighties, Félix Ramiro began to discover his vocation as a tailor in the small tailoring workshop of his uncle Dionísio Rodríguez.

Having learned the profession, with completed studies in Madrid, and the 2nd National Prize as a designer, Felix Ramiro began the adventure in men's fashion. Since 1988, Félix Ramiro designs and manufactures his suits and accessories, becoming a style reference and favoring its expansion.

Since 2004, Felix Ramiro has been expanding its points of sale, including points of sale internationally.

Collection Lines

The inspiration for “Dandy 88” collection is based on dandy´s figure, who enjoys mixing common and original. The dandy´s philosophy emphasizes the authentic, valuing quality over quantity and being aware that a whole is made up the small details.

Whit this collection Félix Ramiro is claiming designed and created with handmade patterns, the return of dandy to streets. A man whit impeccable clothing, never forgot the use of accessories like scarves, handkerchiefs, ties, scarves, gloves, hats or even the cape and cane, for the most special occasions.

Mix of fabrics and bright colors, perfect and clean cuts are the bases of "Dandy 88" collection and a philosophy of life that flees from conventionalisms and bets on authentic and individual suits of a current and renewed tailoring.

Félix Ramiro in MBFWM

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