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Fátima Miñana

Born and raised in Madrid, Fatima Miñana takes pride in creating unique pieces using alternative pattern cutting techniques and refined textiles. Her designs are directly inspired by art, especially sculpture, from which she gathers ideas for textures and silhouettes.

Fatima presented her debut collection at MBFW Madrid last February, under the title “geometry of fear”. This collection was inspired by British sculpture and won the MB Fashion Talent Award.

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During these past months, I have been reflecting and trying to connect with the source of my creativity and the foundation of my design and thought process. Who do I design for?

I usually like to explain that I design for a strong, modern woman. A woman that enjoys art and fashion, a brave woman. But, who is she? And why her?

Every time I design I visualise her. I see her walking in my clothes down the street, I imagine her lifestyle, her personality, the way she presents herself and interacts with others; and I know that is the woman I design for. But who is she?After some meditation, I have realised that this woman that inspires me is precisely a persona that I have created based on how I would like to be myself. This persona is what inspires me to design and who I take as a muse. You could say I am my own muse, but that it is not totally true, because I do not design for myself, I design for her. She is a magnified representation of my strengths, and she is what develops and cultivates my creativity.

This collection is my representation of her. What I think my persona would wear:  the colours she likes, the silhouettes she feels more comfortable with, the fabrics she likes to live in...Her

Fátima Miñana in MBFWMadrid

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