Fátima Miñana

Fátima Miñana

Fátima Miñana at MBFWMadrid

About Fátima Miñana

Madrid-born Fátima Miñana is a young womenswear designer who founded her homonymous brand FATIMA MIÑANA in 2020. Fátima debuted with her first collection Geometry of Fear at EGO’s platform for young designers during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, being awarded the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent Award 2020. In September 2020 Fatima presented her second collection called Persona. 

Since then, we have seen multiple celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Nathy Peluso or María José Largo wearing her creations.  

FATIMA MIÑANA’s essence consists in creating pieces with a unique design and a special cut that empower the women wearing them. Each garment is unique because they are created using a similar process to sculpting, they are drawn and moulded in 3D, to achieve the wished proportion, movement and balance.

Collection lines


This collection is inspired by the dichotomy between enjoyment and hollowness that occurred during La Belle Époque Parisian, where optimism and prosperity brought the ‘joie de vivre’ lifestyle, with sentiments of ecstasy and relentless hedonism, followed by decadence and melancholy. This season I am experimenting with opulence, luxury and its consequent decay and destruction. 

The starting point for this collection is the work of  Anglada-Camarasa, who painted Paris-la-nuit during La Belle Époque. He represented night scenes filled with melancholic, cadaveric women, seen nearly as ghosts. Suggestive yet sad women dressed in expensive laces, satins and opulent Edwardian suits. 

The muse of this collection is an extravagant woman, sensual and melancholic. A woman who is always desiring more and more and this makes her profoundly miserable. A dandy whose suits are now ruined, a passionate woman who lives between ecstasy and despair.  

In this collection, I experiment with the limits of sensuality and femininity, using daring cuts and delicate fabrics such as laces, satins, chiffons…in contrast with beautiful wools and faux leathers in dandy-like tailored suits and coats. These pieces play with luxury and its deconstruction, showing the inside construction of the garments and its deconstruction. 

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