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Fall/Winter 24/25

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About Evade House

Evangelina Julia, is a fashion designer and visual artist born in Spain. After graduating from London College of Fashion, she started her clothing label, Evade House (2020) with her first collection 'Travelling Blind’. Although her main medium is fashion, she organically combines other media forms such as acting, video or music to consolidate a 360 discourse. 

In 2022, she received the Allianz Ego Confidence in Fashion award, boosting her career, and has received mentions in awards such as the Batsford and Bilbao BIAFF. Internationally recognised in the press, she has appeared in Vogue, Acero Magazine, Coeval, L’officiel, King Kong, Glamcult, Wonderland and Autre Mag, among others. She also has been awarded for her textile research. Currently, her firm has several selling points in New York, London, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

Collection lines


Starting from the base created for the September collection, 005. REINTERPRET, which led us to an uncertain place, a space where we can intervene and transform our way of doing - in this case clothes - generating an act of free expression. The project started from a conceptual unit, the used clothes and their reinterpretation.

A way forward for us is to be able to look to the past for inspiration, to go back to such important pillars as different ways of handling materials, to communicate through the senses. Travelling Blind was the first collection where we used the tactility of the garments to create an awareness of the limitations of fashion, in this case for people who are blind. Not knowing which is the back or the right side of a garment and that it does not matter, looking for alternative ways to feel comfortable.

For the 006 collection we want to go further; we want to rethink our own garments and resignify them through new uses, ways of wearing them and the materials with which they are made, in line with our brand ethos and following this 0-waste development.

This process of digestion will be very latent and will also allude to other senses, as the materiality of some garments will be designed to be completely devoured. The research and development process will be carried out in the studio to create edible garments using different materials from fruit and vegetables.

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