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About ESNE

Located in the heart of Madrid, ESNE is the largest university campus of Design and Technology in Spain and a pioneer center in offering University Degrees in this subject.

ESNE offers seven official university degrees: Fashion Design, Multimedia and Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Video Game Design and Development, Audiovisual Design and Illustration, and Fashion Management and Communication, in addition to the Official University Masters in User Experience, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design. The center also offers the British Degree in Animation and the Higher Level Training Cycle in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments.

In February 2022, the Assembly of Madrid approved the creation of the University of Design, Innovation and Technology, which, promoted by ESNE, will become the first university in Spain to specialize in design and technology.

In addition, the institution was recognized with a special mention by the jury of the National Innovation and Design Awards 2019 for "its commitment to the training in innovation of new professional profiles with the ability to adapt to the constant process of transformation of the Spanish productive fabric". This is the first university center that, individually, obtains this recognition at national level.

Collection Lines

Paranoia, the new ESNE collection for MBFWMadrid

ESNE, University of Design and Technology, will present Paranoia, its collection for the Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 season, featuring 39 young designers trained at the University.

The fashion show, which will be held on Tuesday 14 February at 19:30 at the Real Fábrica de Tapices, is based on the feist trend, understood as a break with the classical aesthetic canons, in the form of a claim against the established. 

The 39 students of ESNE's Degree in Fashion Design have materialised their creations, generating new forms of dialogue around contemporary social themes and concerns. 

The collections presented give rise to a perspective where visions of the concerns of mental illness, the consumption of narcotic substances and the aesthetics of the new urban tribes coexist. 

The conceptual work has given rise to a variety of contrasting silhouettes typical of the duality between the perspective in which the subject matter has been approached. In this sense, the students have created an imaginary full of textures generated by experimental textile manipulations, combined with artisanal techniques such as natural dyeing, crochet or felting. 

Quilted materials, technical fabrics or moiré have also been used, as well as other lighter weight materials such as silk organza or cotton poplin. The colour palette fuses neutral tones, especially black and navy blue, with the inclusion of points of colour in various shades such as purple, fuchsia and tiger orange.