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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Ernesto Naranjo

Ernesto Naranjo is an international fashion design brand based in Spain. Founded in 2014, after winning the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent, it has focused on ageless fashion design, working according to haute couture principles adapted to today, without adopting the rules imposed by street-wear trends.

Degree and Master's from Central Saint Martins with international experience as a member of John Galliano's team at Maison Margiela, Balmain and Lane Crawford (Hong Kong), Ernesto Naranja started his business career determined to fill a gap in the market, by designing a timeless product, with his own style, for demanding, intellectual women without codes.

He has taken part in international shows like Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

Collection lines

Collection 005 Today I am with the bravery of all the women in the world and throughout history who were oppressed for saying NO. I am joining the women who have been rejected and punished for their knowledge, their culture, their thinking and their words. The collection represents the sound of those women who are forced into silence. A strange, but at the same time peaceful sound, it defines a revolutionary woman, who speaks out and who defends everything she believes in. The muses' muse confirms this: "I am convinced that in any act of creativity there is this element of revolt", Leonor Fini. No to the canon, no to rules, no to the norm, no to the system. Like Leonor Fini, the collection shows a freedom of colour, shape, space, with which the designer reinforces an identity without limits. It is a message against the cataloguing, classification, and order to which today's society leads us.

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