Fall/Winter 24/25


Encinar at MBFWMadrid

About Encinar

ENCINAR was born with the intention of living halfway between sewing and ready to wear.
This is our way of delivering to the customer a product based on the craftsmanship and culture of a country with a unique tradition in the industry.

Our productions are short series of products made 100% in national territory, by seamstresses and dressmakers who have been dedicated to this business for decades in workshops in which there are more and more young people contributing new techniques together with the legacy left by previous generations, our language arises between the mixture of the attention to detail of the custom sewing (after 8 years of custom workshop in Madrid) and mass production, limited and controlled, of our garments,

Without the pretension of inventing a new silhouette, ENCINAR aims to revive the lines of another era: with Ungaro's collections throughout the 80's, the theatrical excess of Spanish folklore, Rocio Jurado's tailed gowns, the femininity of Yves Saint Laurent's couture or the Ibizan "clubbing" universe of forty years ago, as references constantly present in the inspiration of each collection. ... a world full of codes and aesthetics that share moodboard with the cinema of Carlos Saura, the revolts during Margaret Thatcher's government or the indirect beauty of the Industrial Revolution.

Collection lines

ENCINAR FW24 is born from the depths of Spanish roots and its traditional folklore as seen through the eyes of a person who arrives in Spain in the 1940s from North America.

A transoceanic journey that emulates the experiences of Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones, American and spy for the Office of Strategic Corps in Franklin Roosevelt's America...

The sobriety of someone who wants to enter a society marked by the rhythm of a world war without attracting attention and her own evolution to become one of the most recognised personalities of the Spanish 20th century...

His life is marked by international meetings and society parties, between everyday occultism and the European excess of evening cocktails... a life between the wars marked by party dresses, wild silks, Balenciaga and orders to Paris to cover the evening engagements of a Spain that day by day was rising from an unchosen decadence...

Thus awakens a collection that is born among black tones, referring to her most representative period as a spy, and evolves in tones that gain strength until breaking into wild silks, moiré, taffeta and brocades that are set in the nights of piano bars and embassies where the now Countess leaves evidence of her style.

An ode to dreaming of times gone by when dress code set the nightly rhythm in the Spanish capital and a cast of international artists shared a table (belatedly, of course) at Horcher with exiled princes, renowned bullfighters or the highest espionage of each side...

This is our tribute to the Spain of the tablao, Ava Gardner, Manolete, the post-war haute couture and above all... the Countess of Romanones: Aline Griffith.

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