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About Encinar

ENCINAR was born with the intention of living halfway between sewing and ready to wear.

This is our way of providing the customer with a product based on the craftsmanship and culture of a country with a unique tradition in the industry.

Our productions are short series of products made 100% in the national territory, by seamstresses and dressmakers who have been dedicated to this business for decades in workshops in which there are more and more young people contributing new techniques together with the legacy left by previous generations. Our language is the mixture of the attention to detail of custom-made sewing and the limited and controlled mass production of our garments.

Collection lines

Encinar's winter 23 is the extension of what the firm began several seasons ago as a "growing collection", a series of presentations that each year are added to the previous ones to create a continuity in an already existing block in its past: that each season can be interspersed with previous or subsequent ones without appreciating a radical change of forms and above all highlighting what is essential for the firm: the stamp, its recognition. ... to be able to appreciate the authorship of a garment just by looking at it, being faithful to its fabrics, silhouettes and discourse in which the Encinar woman feels part of a universe that gives value to the garment and priority to the traditional couture that revives the splendour of the ateliers.

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