Spring/Summer 24


Emeerree at MBFWM

About Emeerree

Emeerree is a Spanish genderless fashion brand founded by its designer Aarón Moreno. In November 2019, he released his first collection through social media, a denim capsule.

The brand’s DNA is defined by reinterpreting the basics of the wardrobe; redesigning in each collection day-to-day garments such as jeans or undershirts and mixing them with elements of corsetry.

All their fabrics are obtained through local businesses, deadstock, defective fabrics, or ecological production.

Emeerree bets on sustainable elaborations, using the pre-order; thereby only what is necessary is made, thus avoiding overstock.

Collection Lines


Spring/Summer 2024 Ready-to-wear

“Sharing success with friends is the most enriching thing”

The new Emeerree collection is guided by the idea of family as a simile for the group of people who are closest to the brand. It intends to represent, through patterns and fabrics, three phases that define the moments before a meeting with friends, this being the culmination.

The initial moment represents a more docile state of mind where comfortable clothes predominate. They correspond to streetwear with linear designs, in cotton fabrics and other more rigid ones (twill and tartan). Continuing with the brand's own DNA, the proposals for lingerie and corsetry appear. This intermediate phase introduces the final moment of the collection, which includes tailoring and nightwear, with more organic designs and more fluid fabrics (silk and wool).

'Reunion' aims to create a distracting atmosphere that evokes the feeling of when you meet with a group of people who are more like family than friends.

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