Allianz EGO

The platform for young fashion talent

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Allianz EGO is the platform for young fashion talents, organized by IFEMA MADRID, which is held twice a year within the framework of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, the great space for promoting Spanish fashion and its most outstanding benchmark.

EGO was born in February 2006, in order to introduce new designers who understand fashion as a form of expression, as an artistic discipline that is part of the culture of its time, with the final justification of reaching the street, being accepted by society and thus continue the path of evolution discovering new styles, innovative trends... In short, a space to gather and show alternative proposals that cease to be so once they are accepted by all, to continue, from that moment on, investigating and offering new designs to an increasingly dizzying world.

Since the April 2021 edition, Allianz has joined Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid as a sponsor of the fashion catwalk and its platform for young designers, renamed Allianz EGO.

The company thus begins a new path in the largest fashion event at the national level, organized by IFEMA MADRID, lending its support to the most innovative emerging firms. This collaboration stems from Allianz's commitment to betting on talent, specifically the young creators who show their collections on this catwalk in each edition.

Showroom Spring / Summer 24