Eduardo Navarrete
Spring/Summer 24

Eduardo Navarrete

About Eduardo Navarrete

Eduardo Navarrete (Bigastro, Alicante, 1994) grew up engrossed by the world of the Spanish revue and cabaret. Captivated by the lavishness of these costumes, divas and shows, he outlines his own way to become a contemporary vedette: from the couture.

Graduated in fashion by IDEP Barcelona, in 2018 he enters the television program "Maestros de la Costura", becoming one of the most charismatic faces of the edition. In the same year, she presents in the framework of MBFWM "Ukumavu", consolidating her designs among well-known faces of the Spanish star system such as Bibiana Fernández, Alaska or Alejandro Amenábar.

In five years, she strengthens her business network and opens different points of sale in Spain, in addition to presenting two collections a year. In 2020 he opened his events agency and comprehensive support to fashion designers "15 Segundos", an umbrella for emerging creators and his showroom, fashion and communication projects, a parallel project to his career as a designer and his television career in programs such as "Master Chef Celibrity".

Irreverent, dreamer, designer, entrepreneur, vedette and an explosion of creativity in continuous expansion. For Eduardo Navarrete, fashion belongs to everyone and should not only be made to dress, but also be a journey in which to have fun.

Becoming one of the pioneers in using digital printing techniques in Spain, he debuts with his collection "Demencia es nombre de mujer" (Dementia is a woman's name).

Unmarked from conventional fashion shows and with stagings that seduce the public and the press supported by all kinds of celebrities, Navarrete becomes an advocate of fashion "Made in Spain", the "Slow fashion" and the author's design, challenging the established codes and reconnecting with the origin of fashion: to excite.

From luxury and ostentation in "Dementia" to the roots of African culture in "Ukumavu", the frenetic and eternal nights of Las Vegas in "Casino Navarrete" or the origins of traveling theater in "Teatro Chino", Eduardo Navarrete's collections overflow with creativity and demonstrate the versatility and creative universe of the designer, in an evolution towards the designer's goal: Bringing fashion to all audiences, a principle that materializes in his subsequent collections "Supermercado Navarrete" and "Mercado Navarrete", an ode to the everyday and the traditional.

Collection lines

The NVRRT 10.1 collection is the summary of our trajectory throughout the few but intense years that we have been in the fashion world.  Sometimes, you need to stop to know where you want to go.

10.1 is a collection of 10 looks designed, patterned and made to detail, leaving behind the fast fashion in which we had entered so far.

The number 10 has a clear numerology: consider that it has all the characteristics of 1, but at a higher level. Just as 1 represents action and symbolizes the beginning, 10 encourages us to consciously start over by building on what we have learned.

The print gives way to volumes and traditional tailoring, creating handmade pieces that move away from the patterns used by the company until now.

A connection of different styles that define and summarize the knowledge acquired during these years and the most important thing: that nothing is written.

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