Juan Duyos, born in Madrid, started working with designer Manuel Piña in 1992, while at the same time designing his first collections with Cecilia Paniagua, as DUYOS&PANIAGUA, attracting great interest in his work. He also collaborates with Antonio Pernas.

 After several shows at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and an appearance at London Fashion Week in 1998, Juan launched his first collection as DUYOS in 1999, “Remember and Keep”, which received an award as the best collection at Cibeles. Throughout his career, he has received several awards from organisations like Glamour, Lancia, Vanidad, etc.

In 2002, he was named creative director of the legendary firm Don Algodón, heading the creative team to revitalise and modernise the brand. He did this until 2005, while simultaneously working on his own DUYOS collection and appearing regularly at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, and collaborating with brands like Levis, Swatch, Absout and Adidas, to name but a few.

 DUYOS has had its own eyewear line, DUYOS VISTA, as well as an accessories line, since 2005.

FANDEDUYOS, the firm’s second line, was launched in 2006 and received a great welcome.

Also in 2006, he started collaborating with newspaper El Mundo’s YODONA weekly supplement, writing a monthly column entitled ‘Corte de mangas’.

Duyos continues to take part in different exhibitions, such as MMODANY at the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute in NY; the travelling exhibition 12 Trajes para..., in Tokyo and also exhibited in Beijing, in Istanbul and in Milan at La moda es Sueño, presented in 2012 and at the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid.

In September 2009, he presented his “Tiki” collection at NY Fashion Week, as part of the 4EYES collective project, with an artistic video-installation, which had great national and international media impact.

Between September 2011 and summer 2015, Juan Duyos was Director of the Fashion Design degree course at ESNE.

The “Reserva” collection presented at MBFWM received the L'Oréal award for the best collection of the autumn-winter 2013-14 season.  The “Botánica” collection for summer 2017 also won an award at the September 2016 edition. The 20th anniversary collection held in February 2017 was highly acclaimed, being presented by ten of the most outstanding Spanish models in the history of fashion.

The firm is continuing to expand through new licences such as for household and fine jewellery, as well as in his atelier work and most particularly, his wedding dress designs.

       Duyos also works on numerous joint projects and co-brandings with different types of companies and brands, such as Procter&Gamble, Campari, Unilever, Ecovidrio, Silestone, Nokia, Seagram´s, Osborne, Special K, Nintendo, HP, Nivea, Tanqueray, Bankinter, Planeta, Mar de Frades and Guía Repsol. He became the AEG ambassador in 2015. In 2019 he partnered with NETFLIX to launch his first “High Seas” cruise collection and his first fashion film in May.

Since 2018, Juan Duyos has appeared regularly on Spanish TV show “Las Mañanas de RNE” with his own spot entitled “Do you love me?”

In winter 2018, two of his pieces were included in the Spanish fashion exhibition “Modus” in the Canal de Isabel II room.

Duyos has stamped his own, recognisable style on everything throughout his career, based on his use of colour, fabrics, volumes and silhouettes, always with one eye on the past, and another on the future.

The Collection



Travelling means discovering places, enjoying unique experiences, new sensations, fun, relaxation, escapism... This collection is taking us to Costa Rica.

Waterfalls and toucans, ancient architecture and trees, coffee plantations and volcanoes... the pure life running through Costa Rica is more than a myth.

The myriad greens of a tropical rainforest.
Hypnotic blues like the glittering sea.
Swathes of pinks, reds and oranges like the Costa Rican flowers.

Hallucinogenic plant life in chiffon and gemstones.
Teardrop paillettes like the wings of a macaw.
Hummingbirds embroidered in silk.
Aerial views of a kaleidoscopic landscape covered in sequins.
Genuine luxury: craftsmanship and tradition. 

The brutalist architecture of San Jose.
As sinuous as the Orosi valley. 
Majestic as the Arenal volcano.
As long and wild as a waterfall.
Relaxed and smooth like the Pacific coastline.

Sustainability as a Costa Rican philosophy and craftsmanship as a way of life take shape in huge earrings and headdresses, giving new life to plastic and glass.

Costa Rica: contrasts and magnetism. Pure life!

Duyos at MBFWMadrid

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