Juan Duyos, born in Madrid, begun working in 1992 with the designer Manuel Piña whilst he also design his first collections along with Cecilia Paniagua, known as DUYOS&PANIAGUA. Besides,he colaborate with Antonio Pernas.

After several catwalks at Pasarela Cibeles and his presence at 1998 London Fashion Week, Juan goes solo in 1999, with his awarded as best in Cibeles  “Recuerda y guarda” collection. Through his career, he has been awarded with many prizes (4 times L`Oreal Price, Glamour, Lancia, Vanidad…).

He also design costumes for different theatre companies, such as Rafael Amargo. In 2002, he is named creative director of the well-known firm Don Algodón, combining this labour with his own label and his constant presence at Pasarela Cibeles, making partnership with other companies as Levi´s, Swatch or Adidas, among others.

From 2005, Duyos developes  some licenses:  a glasses range, Duyos Vista, accessories and a second line, FandeDuyos, born happily in 2006. The label also has a wedding gown and groom collection. Duyos design the Christmas lighting of the madrilian street of Velázquez and Azca square. In September 2009, he presented his collection during the New York Fashion Week, within 4Eyes proyect. Duyos keep on presenting his work at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, participating in several exhibitions and launching new licenses.

Since September 2011, Juan Duyos also works as Degree Director at the Fashion Design School ESNE.

The collection named “Reserva”, inspire by traditional spanish values, turned out awarded by L´Oreal as best of the season autumn-winter 2013-14 in MBFWM, as well as Summer 2017 “Botánica”, making this his fourth time award. The 20th anniversary collection “Smart Girls”, February 2017, embodied by the 10 best-known Spanish top models since the 90s, was enthusiastically welcomed.

Meanwhile, the label pursues its expansion through licenses as diamond  jewelry and, specially, its demi-couture atelier and bridal design.

Duyos also engage into numerous colabs, projects and co-brandings alongside with well-known companies such as: Procter&Gamble, Campari, Unilever, Ecovidrio, Silestone, Nokia, Seagram´s,  Osborne, Special K, Nintendo, HP, Nivea, Tanqueray, Bankinter, Planeta, Mar de Frades o Guía Repsol. In 2015 he is selected as brand embassador by AEG. In 2019 becomes partner of NETFLIX with the launching of Duyos´first Cruise collection and Fashion Film, inspired by premium “Alta Mar” TV series.

From 2018, Juan Duyos hosts a regular radio show segment, “Do you love me?” in Radio Nacional de España., top Spanish broadcast.

Duyos has built a career with his own and recognizable style based on his personal use of colour, fabrics, shapes and volumes, always with an eye on the past and another on the future.

The Collection

A floating garden

Madeira, its landscapes and dazzling nature, Atlantic´s wild beauty, its crafts and tradition, its warm population and surprising gastro, inspire and infuse with colour and energy this collection for next spring-summer 2022.

Layers of landscape and greens overlapped in our eyes are conveyed in prints and colours randomly combined as in an Atlantic garden.

Vegetable greens, Atlantic blues and silver, floral pinks, fruity yellow…a vibrant and fortuitous tonal combination that represent the energy of the colourful and exuberant Madeira´s palette.

Traditional garment stripes, cotton Jacquard developed in thousand delicious flower motifs, silks painted as in a sea landscape or as a distance garden, paillettes like exotic fruits, wicker worked traditionally in exquisite accessories…

Volume silhouette that refer to the Madeira´s typical garment alongside ultra sophisticated dresses that set up a new time wardrobe.

Layering pieces, volume at play and a mix of Prints and textures to get back the playful yet functional sense in Duyos` fashion, based on crafty couture values.

Duyos in MBFWM

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