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Duarte is a young firm founded in 2016 in Madrid. With Kiko Font as the brand’s creative director, Duarte makes intelligent, authentic and contemporary garments for men and women. With years of experience in tailoring, each pret-á-porter collection represents a small step in this field.

Collection lines

Duarte is a brand that was created and has grown from a very small core, with a well-established basis in garment production, but also a specialisation in the world of tailoring and the personal treatment of each client.

This Fall Winter 2020 collection is based on this latter aspect of Duarte, in its dedication to developing prototypes, in which it defines the lines of what its client will wear in their daily life.

Under this premise, the collection has found its inspiration in the activities of the Italian car design houses, especially their prototype cars from the 50s, which would later morph into more commercial versions for the general public. These prototypes would set the design guidelines for the future and, far from seeming remote, they perfectly synthesised what was gradually being found in everyday life.

This inspiration ends up permeating this collection in all its aspects. Colour combinations are made with different degrees of saturation and more energetic colour counterpoints. The key to this collection lies in the pure lines of these cars and their highly dynamic silhouettes, they energise the basis of the tailoring and introduce it with subtle effort in a common scenario, the Duarte scenario.


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