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About Duarte

Duarte was born in Madrid in 2016 with the objective of offering iconic garments to nourish both men's and women's wardrobes. With Carlos Duarte as founder and creative director at the helm of the brand, Duarte's garments are synonymous of elegance, intelligence, and authenticity.

Each ready-to-wear collection is a sublime exercise in combining a solid experience in the field of traditional tailoring that evolves each time towards a unique vision of the most versatile and cosmopolitan contemporary fashion walking hand in hand with the ultimate textile avant-garde betting on innovative and sustainable fabrics for its unmistakable creations.

Collection lines

“Ti’ne afto”

The new DUARTE collection for AW23 takes us on a trip to Greece in the 1960s with a ballad question that gives name to the collection... T'ine afto (What is that?)

 It all begins with the voices of Sophia Loren and Tonis Maroudas playing "T'ine afto" in "Boy on a Dolphin" (1957). The collection takes place in an intimate and subtle context, transported to a cozy Greek tavern where in the darkness of the atmosphere colors will vibrate more than ever. Bright reds, greens and blues combined with black and neutral tones create the rhythm of the collection. This color palette is directly inspired by the Greek horror films of the sixties and seventies and the aesthetics of their pictorial posters. The main impression of the collection, designed specifically for her, recreates the male sculptures of classical Greece in a contemporary and reinvented way.

The wide range of fabrics and textures ranges from sequins to lace, combining them with satin, stitches and braids. All this mixture generates contrasts between textures and enriches the whole vision of the collection.

Personality, contrast and structure define the silhouettes of this AW23 concentrating the volume of their forms at the bottom, achieved through wide flights in their garments. The long and straight sleeves are also notable in this collection and makes a beautiful contrast with the narrow waist embraced to the body thanks to a thick and wide black elastic band that is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the collection. This play of forms takes its influence from Greek national dress, adapting it to a more contemporary aesthetic.

With this tribute to one of the most rich civilizations in art, culture and history, DUARTE answers the initial question that is so present throughout the process of creation that follows the brand, questioning every detail and every decision to always give the best possible answer through its garments.

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