Dolores Cortés

Dolores Cortés has a family history spanning more than 50 years designing and manufacturing women's swimwear, even before today’s stretch fabrics were invented.

The company started out showing at the Pasarela del Carmen in Valencia. Since 2001 it has shown swimwear collections at Gaudi Barcelona Fashion Week until the last edition. Since 2007 it has been showing at Cibeles Madrid Fashion week. Since 2008 it has participated in Gran Canaria Moda Cálida. Since 2010 it has taken part in the MBFW Swim Miami event.

In 2012, the firm designed and manufactured swimsuits for the national synchronised swimming team for the London Olympics. Highlights among the awardsreceived are the Gold Medal for Work Merit, the Les Cortes Valencianes Working Woman Award and the Premio Nova for the Female Entrepreneur.

Dolores Cortés designs are distributed through multibrand stores, four own shops, franchises and 118 direct points of sale in Spanish department stores. As well as the national market, they are sold in more than fifteen foreign countries. 

The Collection

This collection is inspired by the creative universe of French master Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and his passion for the fusion of the pictorial and textile.

Tropical influences are juxtaposed with ancient cultural and primitive motifs to create results that are as sensual and decorative as they are traditional.

Swimwear with fluid and draped structures with lurex fabrics combined to create harmony between graphics and formality.

Bikinis, swimsuits and handkerchief trikinis with flounces and knots that criss-cross the body to create complex, unique effects.

Natural details establish dichotomies with collage-effect embroidery, tassels and silk fringes for oriental sumptuousness.

Enticing combinations of hot&cold colours.

The result; women become odalisques with eclectic prints featuring arabesques, geometric drawings, leaves and stripes. It is a graphic-ornamental universe that recreates a nomadic, fresh and sophisticated style.

Designs that come into their own in idyllic scenarios and unreal surroundings built by the creative imagination.

Dolores Cortés at MBFWMadrid

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