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Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona was created in the early 1980s by the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, after a long trip that took them around the world. On the way, they discovered not only new landscapes but also the most varied artistic, cultural and philosophical statements. They were very impressed by the California style, exemplified by the surfer look in Southern California and the psychedelia used in Northern California. They were captivated by the innovative fashion and bright colours they saw there, particularly a style of T-shirt not available in Spain at the time.

Inspired by this starting point, the brand was launched as Custo Line. The Dalmau brothers set out to learn everything that they could about printing and finishing techniques, with an emphasis on graphic design, where they felt particularly comfortable. In time, their research into the use of colour and prints became innovation, boldness and sophistication.

These days, Custo Barcelona has a style of its own that to some extent represents a particular way of understanding life. Their point of view is expressed in collections for women and men.


Today, Custo Barcelona has an established image and has been debuting its creations every season at New York Fashion Weeks since 1997. Their style is marked by innovation and creativity with a use of graphics and colours that have become an icon.

Collection Lines


Custo Barcelona takes another step towards a new femininity inspired by a dynamic world.

Comfort and functionality are part of the aesthetic.

Technological materials are combined with metallic colours, and loose silhouettes are the protagonists of the collection.


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