Spring/Summer 24


Crack at MBFWMadrid

About Crack

Giovanni Franco Viera is a 28 year old designer and stylist born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but has been living in Madrid for 8 years. After graduating in design and fashion at ESNE, he did his master's degree in Communication and Fashion at IED and doing his internship at Davidelfín. He decides to launch his own brand, this collection is his fourth collection.

Collection lines 

The concept of the collection is based on the abandonment of your hometown, how you have to give up your comfort zone in search of an illusion, taking the step of moving to another city in order to nurture your future. That feeling of uncertainty and starting from scratch in a new place. new place. Wanting to transmit and reflect in the collection garments with dark tones, clinging to the body. Pieces that are made to carry that feeling of uncertainty. Always linked to the movement and pop aesthetics of the 2000s, as it is an aesthetic is an aesthetic quite marked in the brand.

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