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About Coconutscankill

Amara Caruncho Ledo, born in 1996 in Santiago de Compostela, is the creative force behind COCONUTSCANKILL since 2018. She founded the brand with the ambition to create a space to express her creativity and experiment with various techniques, all while maintaining a unique personal touch. Her appreciation for various artistic disciplines, the ability to conceptualize current themes, and the blend of eclectic colors and textures define her distinctive style.

Amara has gained recognition for her talent, being awarded the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion prize in the 5th edition of the competition. In addition to her career in design, she shares her expertise as a teacher at the Escuela Superior de Madrid.

Collection lines

The "Sommet" collection focuses on essence and material as the highest point of the creative process and of life. Being in tune with being, without order or discipline, the expression of humanity.

This has been developed in collaboration with Recovo, a Barcelona-based textile supplier that buys and sells surplus textiles for reuse, encouraging circularity in the fashion world. In this Autumn / Winter 2024-25 edition, the proposal stands out for the use of materials that evoke elements present in nature, the noble and the primitive (metals, glass, wool, vegan leather, linen...).

With a diverse chromatic palette, which contrasts or embellishes the ensembles according to the variation, we observe unusual mixtures of textures and transparencies, embroidery, glitter, glass and various metals. The reinterpretation of tailoring forms stands out, with both highly structured and delicate garments, with knitted falls or transparencies that fit the body. The contrast between rudeness and femininity is evident.

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