Brain&Beast was created by Ángel Vilda in 2010. His garments are like games, riddles, hieroglyphs with an apparently simple structure that respond to complex geometric equations where colour and materials form part of codes where nothing is random. Brain&Beast creates sets of garments that combine emotion and reason, strongly influenced by contemporary culture, not forgetting large doses of sophistication and a sense of humour.

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The useful, the useless and the usefulness of the useless ...

It could be said that the origin of the "souvenir" lies in the market's response to the "non-fundamental" need or desire to concentrate in an object an accumulation of meanings referring to a period of time separated from everyday reality. These objects, while not necessarily objects of the past, are certainly born of tradition that does have roots in it, and therefore the reminiscences they provoke have a stronger link to the idea of truth and therefore to authenticity. They are "marginal" objects, useless or without value "per se" and their value lies in being possessors of a memory and activators of biographical memory, bringing a past moment to the present with a certain nostalgia, "eliminating pain and unpleasantness by fostering a sense of identity and belonging", to paraphrase Isabel Campí in her book “Diseño y Nostalgia: el consumo de la historia”, (2007, Ed. Santa & Cole).

Biography is constructed on the basis of facts, but it is also a fragmented becoming of multiple significant pieces that have left their mark and have transcended in one's own identity. Thus, the souvenir becomes a secularised relic by taking "inventory of one's past with dead belongings; the relic comes from the corpse, the souvenir from the defunct experience, which we euphemistically call vivencia" as the philosopher Walter Benjamin put it.

This "aesthetic torsion" is structured as a succession of connected nostalgic fragments, scars in a sacralised memory with genesis in the family photo album, whose pieces come from the memories (idealised or not) that write one's own biography. People, moments, places, feelings... present in garments, shoes or other accessories with a high symbolic charge for those who imagine them. It is an exercise in introspection and homage to what and who made us who we are through these relics ... or souvenirs, which enliven the memory of the past, to learn from it, and thus, to plan a better future.

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