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The Collection

'The workshop of monsters’

Mary Shelley completed Frankenstein more than 200 years ago. By age 18, she had had several miscarriages. Her mother, an influential feminist philosopher, died after giving birth to Mary. That is the almost-unknown breeding ground of this universally appealing work written by a woman.

The ability to resuscitate loved ones and the ability to reflect - and speak, breaking taboos - about it. Pain, suffering and frustration. Trauma is sometimes a trigger for artistic creativity. Today, ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand: the message becomes as important as the subject that promulgates it.

This is the starting point of Becomely's new collection entitled 'The workshop of monsters', an invitation to observe ourselves naked before the mirror, to see what we are, with our supposed defects, fears and imperfections that contain our essence and originality. Our peculiarity. Our truth.

The colour combination swings between pastel colours like pink, vanilla, green and lilac. Sweetness and innocence with touches of futurism. The main silhouettes are maxi dresses and puffed sleeves. Designs that emphasise dimensions in a grotesque and almost artificial way, to reveal - or camouflage - a genuine essence that tries to break through to see the light. Fabrics hide sophistication and fantasy, because we are talking about a literary work and an imaginary world, reflected in a wide range of fabrics, which, for the most part, have been rescued from old Parisian warehouses. There is plenty of innovation: pieces printed in-house on a 3D printer using materials of plant origin. They create, among others, buckles, handles for bags and earrings that look like glass, but which are not.

'The workshop of monsters’ is an intentionally crude collection but also a naive one - the hallmark of Becomely- because that's the only way you can play at creating the future.