Aurelia Gil
Spring/Summer 24

Aurelia Gil

Aurelia Gil at MBFWMadrid

About Aurelia Gil

With a degree in arts & crafts and specialising in fashion design, for 20 years Aurelia Gil has been leading a women's prêt-à-porter brand that proposes exquisite garments in every sense: a careful selection of fabrics and pieces worked in detail with prints and embroidery original and handmade. 

Since the beginning, its efforts have been focused on the recovery of the craft with special emphasis on the artisan part of it.  

Her atelier located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, her hometown, hosts both the creation of her collections and the custom-made design, and for the last year, she has also had her own swimwear workshop that provides services to other brands.  

Aurelia leads a team, as if it were a small family, made up entirely of women who share the same values and the same work philosophy.  

Tradition. Passion. Innovation.

Collection lines

T I M E - Collection 2024 

TIME is composed of silhouettes and relaxed lines; my passion for flowers, this time taken to the printing of scarves; the use of textured swimwear fabrics; and a color range inspired by the painting "The persistence of memory" by Salvador Dali: earth tones, sepia, pinks, indigo and of course, a dose of black. 

I want to make special emphasis on the floral proposal as it is a tribute to my friend Irene through a realistic and colorful use of "our flower garden". Flowers that are alive, in their natural state. 

As for the fabrics, this collection incorporates lycras in textured plain colors, silks, viscose tulles and tie dye cottons. It will also feature a touch of denim, with the use of crochet and embroidery and lurex prints. 

Through TIME, we continue to develop the research work with crafts, including again the canary fretwork, crochet in our own lycra yarn, the totally eco and handmade dyeing from flowers, cochineal and vegetable fibers, as well as a first contact with basketry in raffia to shape the bags and shoes for this collection. 

We insist one more year on sustainability as a basic principle of our firm: 100% own production and on demand without generating stock, use of recycled fabrics, elimination of unnecessary trimmings, upcycling work and all our suppliers are national and / or proximity. 

All this is TIME. 

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