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Fall/Winter 24/25

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Ángel Schlesser at MBFWMadrid

About Ángel Schlesser

ANGEL SCHLESSER is a renowned Spanish fashion brand founded in 1984, where that same year it presented its first collection at the Cibeles Runway in Madrid, obtaining great recognition and success.

ANGEL SCHLESSER is a founding member of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (A.C.M.E.), and actively participates in business associations such as ASECOM or FEDECOM.

The ANGEL SCHLESSER brand is characterized by its elegant, sophisticated and minimalist style. Their designs focus on simple lines, clean cuts and patterns that highlight the female figure.

At ANGEL SCHLESSER we have been committed to local production from the beginning, making 100% of our garments in Spanish workshops. This has made it possible to reduce the environmental impact of freight transport. With 100% production in Spain, the aim is to promote artisan talent and make the origin of the garments more transparent.

We collaborate with companies in the sector so that leftover fabrics can be used for new designers to take advantage of (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

The basic colors are black and white, neutrals, and the color notes of each season. The quality of the fabrics is another characteristic of the brand, which guarantees durability and that has earned the recognition and appreciation of fashion lovers. Without a doubt in a brand where the timelessness of the garments works in favor of the customer so that they do not go out of style and so that it is a long-term investment.

ANGEL SCHLESSER has participated regularly since 1988, in the main fashion catwalk in Spain, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid (MBFWM today, formerly Pasarela Cibeles), and in the main ones throughout the national territory, and has been praised for his vision contemporary and its ability to adapt to current trends without losing its distinctive style, obtaining numerous national fashion awards, among which we highlight the latest 2020 L'Oreal Paris Award at the MBFWM.

Over the years, the ANGEL SCHLESSER company has expanded its product offering beyond clothing, including perfumes, accessories and other accessories. Their fragrances, in particular, have been very popular and have contributed to the success of the brand. Since 1999, the ANGEL SCHLESSER FEMME fragrance has been available to customers, with the same olfactory notes that Alberto Morillas created: Top notes are Virginia juniper, bergamot, mandarin orange and orange blossom; middle notes are woody notes, bell pepper and lily-of-the-valley; Base notes are sage, musk and cardamom. The variety of fragrances today is very numerous and is in the main Department Stores and the best perfume stores. Our current ambassador is the renowned singer, presenter, model, actress, and presenter Edurne.

Throughout history, the company has collaborated with other brands and expanded its presence nationally and internationally. Among its activities, the creation of uniforms, custom-made dresses, bridal gowns, and the creation of decoration spaces stand out.

Currently the Creative Director of the fashion brand is Alfonso Perez Alvarez, a native of Oviedo, a great expert in pattern making, in knowing the needs of women, a great artist very passionate about painting, and who aims to return to the origins of the brand.

Collection lines

The presence of the absence

Starting from the differential philosophy of the house, minimalism, functionality and avant-garde, we highlight in this collection:

  • Solid foundations that are reflected in the base of the patterns, which define a very ANGEL SCHLESSER silhouette.
  • The essence of the brand is reflected in functional garments that are essential in a wardrobe.
  • Volumes take center stage in classic pieces of the brand, which evolve or are reminiscent of contemporary architecture.
  • Sinuous shapes in contrast with defined and straight lines.
  • As for colors, black, white and navy blue predominate.
  • Regarding the fabrics we highlight:
  • Warm fabrics with high quality body such as wool, cashmere, felts, and to a lesser extent leather.
  • Light fabrics such as chiffon, organza, crepe, etc.

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