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Angel Schlesser

The ANGEL SCHLESSER design firm was set up in 1983 by fashion maestros Ángel Fernández Ovejero and Juan Rufete. It is now a high-profile brand, extremely successful in Spain, and has been awarded some of the most significant awards in the industry.

In 2016, fashion entrepreneur Oscar Areces purchased a stake in the company and took over management to drive growth. Designer Daniel Rabaneda was recruited as creative manager in February 2018 because of his talent, his values in line with the brand and his links to fashion.

SCHLESSER women have an urban, active spirit, a practical, elegant tenor. They recognise and appreciate quality design, materials and manufacturing. SCHLESSER designs are both current and deceptively simple but are outstanding for their fine fabrics, proportions and precision tailoring.

Today, ANGEL SCHLESSER sells its collections at the company's six outlets in Spain and to women all over the world through the online boutique. Its clientele identifies with the brand's spirit and philosophy committed to quality and design. These contemporary, elegant and cosmopolitan women are the firm’s source of inspiration.

Collection lines

This collection is a nod to artist Sylvia Sleigh, her thinking and her work that represents the rupture of gender roles between muse and artist.

Seal Brown and Tobacco Brown are the basis for a collection accentuated with Imperial Purple and Carriage Red, as well as grey and white as the designer’s colours.

Once again, wool is the main material, accompanied by organza and silk.

All this within a collection of flowing lines with a casual aesthetic.


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