Andrés Zurru

"Aberrance" is a follow-on collection. Based on different iconographies, they converge in their essence and bifurcate in their outcomes. Elements like history, war, demonstrations and suffering are the foundations, although it has own aesthetic, a military amalgam endowed with visceral romanticism. Germinated by hate and abuse, a demand to be heard and understood. It draws on art and photography, on a stark, hard and realistic aesthetic of memories, raw details that unite us, shared experiences, judgemental looks, dictatorial laughter and gratuitous ridicule, deep fear.

"Aberrance" sets out to collect testimonies of what happened during the final stages of the 1960s. It appropriates the iconographies, which have historically excluded us, to make them our own and to empower us. He takes possession of military uniform, his fetish, his elixir, just as Tom of Finland did in his illustrations and Robert Mappelthorpe in his photographs, decontextualizing its habitual use, endowing it with an opposing narrative, assigning non-formal characteristics, partly sexualized and blurring gender roles. Creating an alternative masculinity to today’s prevailing norm.